Cazorla return after international break a BIG boost for Arsenal

As Arsenal continue to stride through the Premier League despite not picking up all three points against West Brom this weekend just gone, all the talk remains of Arsenal sitting on top of the league and whether or not it will last.
Many have suggested that talk of the title for Arsenal already is plain ridiculous, with the likes of Wenger and Arteta already coming out to say that’s certainly a statement they agree with. And although I agree that many fans may be being a tad premature with claims, the expectation is certainly rising and I’m certainly beginning to believe that we will definitely be challenging this year.

With the likes of Mesut Ozil, Laurent Koscielny, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud, all showing off their talents week in week out for the Gunners, there seems to be a forgotten man in our Spanish sensation, Santi Cazorla. When Cazorla arrived last season, it created such an uncontrollable hype that many believed he was the best player we had signed for years, then came Ozil this year and the fans thought it wouldn’t get any better. Then imagine those two players, on the same team and suddenly you have two of Europe’s greatest current playmakers, splitting passes for the Arsenal!

Cazorla is of course currently injured, however we will soon see the return of our Spanish magician, with his return expected to be soon after the international break which takes place this week. Previously it was in Cazorla’s intentions to return for the Dortmund game and that looks to be a very realistic return date in which we cannot wait to see the 28 year old return to the pitch. He might even be available for the Norwich game next Saturday.

It is certainly going to be a fantastic sight watching Cazorla and Ozil mix it on the same team, alongside the likes of developing Ramsey and Wilshere, and it’s a combination I’m sure any team would dream of having, and the best part is that it all belongs to Wenger already!

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3 thoughts on “Cazorla return after international break a BIG boost for Arsenal

  1. Point of correction. We will not be challenging this year. We are already challenging. In fact we have already set the early pace and it is up to other teams to challenge us. Given the managerial challenges that have occurred at other clubs, and how these clubs are struggling particularly away from home a little bit of consistency will open a huge gap at the top by Christmas.

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