Club legend warns Arsenal fans to back Wenger

David Seamen has come out in the press to defend Arsene Wenger, whilst admitting he is desperate for the Arsenal boss to prove all his critics wrong.

The former England and Arsenal number one has claimed that there is nobody better at managing a club, and that he cannot wait to see him receive the plaudits he deserves once again.

He said: “For me, Arsene’s the best. I’ve worked with him I know how good he is. I’m just desperate for him to win it again, just to shut everybody up.

“A lot of Arsenal fans think that the pace that Arsene set is the standard but it won’t be, it’ll fall below that if you get a new manager in.”

Seaman then claimed two signings would be all that was needed to get the fans back onside.

“There’s more and more [fans] getting on that bandwagon of ‘Wenger out’ and I think the only way to stop that is by signing at least two players – finished article players,” he said.

“Not young, up-and-coming players who we don’t know what they’re like – top quality internationals where you know what you’re going to get.”

“If he just buys a couple of spine players then they’ve got a great chance of going that little bit further and having a great chance of winning it,” he added.

“[Arsenal] had a great opportunity [this season] because a lot of the big guns were under-performing – that doesn’t happen regularly so you’re going to have them to contend with next season.”

Would two big-names get all the fans back onside? Do we really think there is a better man for the job than Wenger?

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One thought on “Club legend warns Arsenal fans to back Wenger

  1. I think the “Wenger-out” portion of the fans are a lot smaller than they are made out to be. They are merely a loud minority. They spend so much of their time bitching and moaning on blogs, when compared to the actual supporters of Wenger and Arsenal as whole. Because of this, it seems like there are a lot more than there actually is.

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