Denilson finally gone for good from Arsenal

It is being confirmed today that Arsenal have agreed to mutually terminate Denilson’s contract at the club this summer after he was shipped out of the club on loan for the last two seasons. Denilson was once hailed as the next “Rivaldo” when he arrived at the club at a young age. He had plenty of game time for such a young player and it looked as tough he would one day fulfil his potential but he was sent away on loan and has been forgotten since.

Denilson was signed for over £3 Million by Arsene Wenger in 2006 and became one of Arsenal’s top prospects when he quickly broke into the first team during the season and began making an impact. He was never an important part of the Arsenal team but he was always considered as a player with limitless potential which he will now never realise at Arsenal.

The fact that Denilson is leaving the club for free will be a relief to some Arsenal fans and a terrible decision to others. Some may think it is good to start getting rid of the players who are not part of the first team plans and that next to follow him to the exit door must be the likes of Nicklas Bendtner, Sebastian Squillaci and Andre Santos.

Despite being a good prospect when he was younger, Denilson only ever tasted under-17 football for his home nation of Brazil and the fact that he is 25 years old now proves that he has become another one of Arsenal’s youngsters failing to live up to their billing.

Hopefully now Arsene Wenger will have some money to spend on a proper midfield player who will become an important part of the squad. The wage bill still needs trimming for new players but this is a good start.

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5 thoughts on “Denilson finally gone for good from Arsenal

  1. He was costing teh club money we need to agree likewise with Chamhak and Park mutal agreement to f**k off those wasters are on 50K plus a week and contribute nothing to the club.

    Godo decision.

    Arshivan and Squallaci contracts are up another two pay check players thank god they are gone. Arshivan is one of the worest professional I have ever seen very talented awful attitude.

    Fingers cross Bendther and Djourou can be sold.

    1. I would also add to that fabianski and diaby far too many injuries and far too much wages for such little return

      see ya!!

      say hi to
      and one of rooney, benteke, higuain, jovetic

  2. Many of you attacked whenever i rated denilson badly in the past. I bet many will attack me again when i say ramilson is going to take the place of denilson’s. After 2 to 3 years ramilson will still be the same with nothing to show at all. Interestingly, when people run out of excuse to defend him, suddenly they talk about work rate. Now i realise we bought ramilson because of his work rate. I always question what is ramilson’s strength but until today, none can provide me lol… pathetic

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