Flamini fire and Ozil skill can drive Arsenal on to trophy success

There have been a fair few notes on Arsenal’s midfield man Mathieu Flamini in recent weeks but what everyone seems to agree on is that the player certainly has passion.

Although I’ve said it before on various occasions, Flamini for me has been the most impressive player to join the Gunners this season. Although its really only between him and German international Mesut Ozil, I personally think Flamini has been the stronger character and the more consistent performer. Don’t get me wrong, Ozil has been great for Arsenal this season, despite the recent doubts that have surrounded him, but although this doesn’t necessarily mean I think he’s been worth his price tag, Flamini has certainly been worth his.

Coming in as a free transfer from AC Milan, that he joined from the Gunners back in 2008, Flamini has been worth a lot to Arsenal this season because of the determination and passion he shows for the club both on and off the pitch.

Having previously spoken about the FA Cup tie against Everton and Arsenal’s chances in the league, he has now taken the opportunity to praise up Arsenal’s chances of silverware with a real desire and even expectation to win silverware this season, as revealed in a Sky Sports report.

Flamini said: ” What I would say is maybe character. That is important, especially in the English league. I’m someone who gives a lot on the pitch, fight for every ball. I’m a fighter, so I do that naturally. Everyone is giving more – I really have that sensation. Everyone is committed to each other and that’s important. We really want a trophy. Everyone was very focused on the [quarter-final] game against Everton because we all know – you win, you’re through. You lose, you’re out, so it’s very simple. I can assure you I will do everything I can to make a difference.”

Although both Arsenal’s chances in the Premier League and Champions League seem to be slipping out the exit door, the team will be hoping Arsenal’s chance of silverware has been boosted with a brilliant quarter final win over Everton.

If it isn’t in the Premier League or even more unrealistically in the Champions League, then at the very least we can hope for the FA Cup, making not only our long desire for a title success complete but also to fulfil Flamini’s passionate ambition for the season.

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