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  1. cha coast says:

    greating 2 all arsenal plyrs nd fans am going 2 talk about ramsey as my opinoin i hate him plz our coach let him go ramsey

  2. frankings says:

    Arsenal is a great team, even @ the departure of RVP we still have some great players though young but I believe arsenal lifts a trophy this season…. I tip wenger to introduce the young talented ones to grow up as star….kudos to my fellow fan and I wish we get the best out of this season.

  3. rVp says:

    we just need wilshere,a good Defensive Midfield,and a stricker as good as RVP…

  4. Focusboy 99 says:

    I love arsenal fc, but we need some experienced player to boost the squard.

  5. Koscieny says:

    Gr8 #ARFC Fans! My dear caoch A wenger pls let sign top class play with EPL expr e.g Benteke,mcmanaman,also a replacement for Sagna coz his old,no star must be sold,bring back Maiych too!

  6. khalid says:

    if arsenal r to win premier lg or champ lg we need first of all a world class goalkeeper first of all golis win games arsenal can score goals but allow in to many and cezni is not world class if we play against good teams we wil be punished that’s how we lose games. imagine if we played a better team in the champ lg rather than marsaile good teams could of had 3 goles that day and we would of lost.even last yer we scored against Bayern but allowed in three gols imagine if we had a top keper we cod of beaten tham why did,nt wenger get casias even if he had to pay 160 A WEEK.

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