Liverpool bid £31m to hijack Arsenal’s star striker transfer

Arsenal fans have been able to have a good laugh at their Premier League rivals from the red side of Liverpool this season. Gooners have not always had much reason to smile about the transfer side of things in recent years, but that seems to be changing with Arsene Wenger being given some decent money to spend.

And the Frenchman really dodged a bullet this summer it seems, while his Liverpool counterpart Brendan Rodgers poked his head over the trenches and took one full in the face, by signing the unpredictable and unreliable Italian striker Mario Balotelli.

It was thought that Arsenal were set to sign the controversial player from AC Milan, until Wenger came to his senses and dropped the transfer like a hot coal. And now it looks like the Liverpool boss is regretting his decision to take a chance on the former Man City man, according to a Metro report.

But it could also wipe the smiles off Arsenal faces, as Rodgers is now hoping to beat the Gunners to the signature of Napoli and Argentina star Gonzalo Higuain to replace Balotelli. And the bid of over £30 million they are preparing is more than Wenger is willing to pay, so once again it looks like Arsenal will lose out on Higuain because another club is willing to pay more.

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