Nasri writes off Arsenal as title challengers!

There are a few ex-Arsenal players that have left the club on bad terms, but definitely one of the most annoying has to be Man City’s Sami Nasri, who just seems to revel in upsetting his former fans.

Today he has been spouting off that Arsenal have no chance of winning the Premiership, and considers Man City’s biggest rivals to be Chelsea this season.

“I think Chelsea will be the biggest threat,” he said. “For me, Arsenal still have a weakness in defensive midfield and at centre-back.

“Chelsea’s signings have really caught my eye. Cesc Fabregas is a great replacement for Frank Lampard, I know that from playing with him at Arsenal. They had a weakness up front so they’ve signed Diego Costa who was great for Atletico Madrid last season. They lost Ashley Cole but bought in Filipe Luis.

“For Arsenal, Sanchez has the quality, but the Premier League is not La Liga. It is really, really hard. We saw that with Mesut Ozil last year. At the start of the season he was brilliant but he found out when every other league has a break in December, you carry on playing in England. We had the same with Stevan Jovetic at City.”

So now we all want to destroy City and the moneygrabbing Frenchman today, and I’m backing Alexis Sanchez to be the Leagues top goalscorer!

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6 thoughts on “Nasri writes off Arsenal as title challengers!

  1. If there is any disgusting clown it must be Nasri. He left Arsenal under selfish circumstances and has at every opportunity attempted to denigrate the club, a clear case of biting the hand that fed him. Nasri’s rantings no longer mean anything. All we know is that he has moved from grace to grass as evidenced by the recent slashing of his wages at Man City and his omission from the French world cup squad! Is this the grudge he has against Arsenal? But then Nasri should be told that Arsene Wenger is not the French coach lest he had forgotten. Hence he cannot hold this against Arsenal. Nasri needs to remember that he was nothing until Wenger brought him to Arsenal. He is indeed an ungrateful imbecile! If it was not for greed he would not have left Arsenal although he camouflaged it under pursuit of trophies. Well Arsenal has resumed winning cups and I bet Arsenal will reclaim its place above Man city soon and where will the clown Nasir be hiding?

  2. Do you mean the over-rated dick who was not even good enough to be picked for the France squad at Brazil.

    I hear France were not paying enough money to the players to interest Na$ri but after some research it turned out to be a case of him not being good enough.

  3. guys, no matter what bt Nasri is saying is a good warning for us. look h said of being weak @ defensive which is true. let’s address that ….

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