Uzbek midfielder claims Arsenal interest – Pull the other one!

Every single day Arsenal are linked to a new player and in most circumstances it seems that a lot of these players have absolutely no reason to be linked with the club and today is no different. It’s being reported today that Arsenal are interested in Odil Ahmedov from Anzhi Makhachkala.

Who is that you ask? Exactly. Just like a lot of fans I’m getting tired of these ridiculous transfer rumours surrounding the club. I personally never get too excited about any possible deals mentioned until I see it reported by the BBC or Sky Sports and even then I’m not 100% confident because we all know from personal experience that anything can happen until the moment it’s announced on But back to this latest rumour and the quotes on Arsenal’s interest actually come from the player himself.

Ahmedov said; “It is true I have interest from Arsenal – their scouts have watched me in every match this season, if I move there, I could be a huge success but there is no bid yet.”

This is absolute rubbish and shouldn’t be taken seriously for one moment. The Uzbek international hasn’t been heard of before, and his stats of 2 goals in 60 appearances for a midfielder isn’t exactly the most impressive by any professional standards. So I think we can wave this story right out of the window straight away.

The whole point of this article is to show you that players, agents, even clubs, claim of false interest from top European sides, just in order to drive up a price or to gather interest in a player, and in Ahmedov’s case, it’s clear to me he is just looking for a move away. In my opinion, unless it’s reported by a truly reliable source, everything you read on the internet should be taken with a pinch of salt. The story shows not even the players involved can be trusted to tell the truth so what hope do we have as fans to find real transfer news as opposed to gossip.

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One thought on “Uzbek midfielder claims Arsenal interest – Pull the other one!

  1. Well you are wrong about us never showing interest before. In fact I am sure this is a story that is a year or two old. Arsenal were very interested in the player but were discouraged as at the time he would have needed to obtain a work permit. He has since joined anzhi.

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