Watch out Arsenal fans, Here Comes Bendtner!!

The return of Nicklas Bendtner could finally happen today, with Arsenal set to face West Bromwich Albion in the first round of the Capital One Cup. Bendtner, who has been away from Arsenal for around two or three years now, since his declaration to never play for the Gunners again, looks set for a return and it’s come at a time where he couldn’t be needed more.

Currently with injuries to Podolski, Walcott, Sanogo and any other players that have the potential to play as central striker, as well as the lowering fitness of Olivier Giroud, suddenly Arsenal have been left with just three backup strikers in Park, Akpom and Bendtner himself, with the latter being our main focus of the moment.

As mentioned, Bendtner once famously stated his desire to never pull on the Arsenal shirt again after constant seasons of never really being able to stake a place in the team. However fast forward a few years and he could be pulling on the jersey once again tomorrow night, in which although we all have a bit of beef with him, ultimately we will be wanting the Great Dane to do as well as he can.

Having meant to have left in the summer, I’m not entirely sure if Bendtner’s sudden professionalism to just get on with the job is because he wants to find a new club as soon as possible, or whether he genuinely wants to show why he is good enough for the Gunners. But whatever the reason may be, the 26 year old desperately needs to get his game right back on track and hopefully he can start with at least a goal tonight. Wenger has admitted Bendtner is likely to play a part this season and has stated that he is very likely to start in the Capital One Cup.

Wenger told “You will see Gnabry again – everybody knows him already. Maybe the return of Bendtner as well, who will get a chance. That’s the kind of team we will have.”

Saying that, I also think Akpom is likely to get some game time, but ultimately the main aspect tomorrow is progression to the next round because I think this could be the trophy we get our hands on first this season!

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