Will Arsenal really miss transfer target to save a few million?

The stories in the media today about Marouane Fellaini are quite baffling and also extremely frustrating for Arsenal fans. We are desperate for some good quality signings this summer, agreed, but most fans will agree that we shouldn’t go mad and spend silly money, especially on players who might turn out to be not much better than we already have.

The Belgium and Everton midfielder is apparently very keen on the move to the Emirates this summer, while the transfer fee has been known for a long time, so what is the problem? Arsene Wenger and Arsenal know all about Fellaini. We have seen him dominate fantastic players in the Premier League over and over again. He can play as an attacking midfielder or as a defensive midfielder, so he seems to be just the kind of all-round Vieira/Diaby like player that the Frenchman likes.

Arsenal knew the price, because the 25-year old has a well publicised release clause. If we want him, we know the price, so why are we hearing that the Gunners are quibbling about the price? Do we really expect Everton to release their best player to a Premier League rival for less than they think he is worth? Would we? They probably don’t even want to sell to us, but the release clause takes that decision away from them. They certainly aren’t going to make it any easier.

I really hope this story is a piece of media misinformation or mere speculation, which it could well be, because if it is true it shows that Wenger and the board are not half as determined as we want them to be to sign the players we really need this summer.

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18 thoughts on “Will Arsenal really miss transfer target to save a few million?

  1. As they say “you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink”. Wenger will haggle over a few million quid and move on if he is not successful. It is well known that he will only pay the fee HE believes is appropiate. If Gazidis had any balls he would force Wenger to make the purchase no matter what (which he wont of course).

    1. Wenger is a control freak on the one hand but cannot make such decisions on the other. Perhaps when certain aged Directors retire they will bring back David Dein.

  2. do you really believe that arsenal will spent £70 millions this summer?? not in a lifetime

  3. Pls admin get fellaini! Pls DONY LET ME DOWN!! You work for arsenal and they listen to u so why u kno tell them to buy fellaini. Why u no do it?! You want arsenal to fail you want this?! You do tell wenger now and kroenke to buy him ad higuain or I will stop reading ur story on these! P.S can u get me a season ticket?!? Pls

  4. Fellaini is pure class and wants to come but Wenger doesn’t think he is worth 23m.
    Well let me tell you Mr Wenger that if you don’t get Fellaini you ain’t worthy of being Arsenal manager, simple as that

  5. Cmon freaking wenger, just for couple of millions you are reluctant to bid . We got 2 million as well from Roberts title winning incentive, use that you coach. Fellaini is not worth 24 million, if this is true then I think you should leave Management and be a technical director.let someone else do this. Klopp is my no 1 . Why Dido you guys lie so bluntly in football and that to in front of TV when world is watching ? I think coaches and players both are biggest liars in the world. Why should I buy so costly tickets when you guys can not win a trophy. I waste 60 £ for what just to see you win some matches , but not a trophy. you should remember fans who fill up the stadium are the reason you have revenues of this kind. and I tell you if you don’t win a trophies in future this club is going down. we will never able to batch commercial deals of Man Utd or BYERN as IF pointed out. look at top clubs they earn revenue because they win trophies. Cfc, man Utd, real Madrid, etc.. wenger at least in your long spell get UCL. you know Cfc won it , but the one club that deserves it Arsenal has UCL trophy. it breaks my hear plz buy for real top class talent. fellaini deserves the price if 24 million. plz plz.t. and by the way you guys have the money and that to enough.

  6. Higuain fellani begovic for £65-70m Is it really so hard arsenal?

    Then simply raise some more cash for some squad players like schwarzer rangel williams ahmedov and the benfica player (whose name escapes me) by selling off and releasing fabianski mannone santos djourou diaby gervinho squillaci denilson arshavin park chamakh bendtner as well as the 16 academy players that have already gone.

  7. The rumours I read are that he wants to come to London, not Arsenal specifically.
    Think about it, we supposedly have £70m to spend. If we get a good striker, that’s about £25m to £30m, or more, so does Wenger want to spend another £25m to £30m (depending on how other clubs bid) on a DM, when we also need a CB, GK, RB, maybe not all of those three, and maybe some other midfield or forward player?

  8. Let me tell you what I think…IF WE MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SIGN ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE PREMIERSHIP i WOULD blame only one man Wenger …. I am sick of losing top draw players to other teams .. Fellaini would win us a league with a couple more coming in … He is a top top player why is Wenger Huggling ???? let’s not lose him Wenger …….

  9. I dont understand this becoz everyone knows that players are highly priced up due to emergence of oil money in soccer and these club buy players at high amount but 23m is a roughable to us now and it shows lack of ambition. Do something Arsene, fellaini deserves to play 4 us.

  10. Jimmy, you’re hilarious.

    Ian, you’re a bit misguided. Your heart is in the right place. But, Wenger is absolutely beyond worthy. No one is bigger than Arsenal. But, if you had to put someone up to that comparison, Wenger would be the one.

    As far as this piece, at the end of the day the window is not open and will not open until July 1. So, until then we can hope and pray but nothing will get done unless the player is a free agent.

  11. wenger just dont want to buy top players because he cant led them to trophies!! he always buys cheap that way is always someones else false that we dont get trophies!!

  12. Chelsea have already agreed 18M for Shurle
    Man City have agreed two similar price transfers

    Arsenal who have 70M and a real need for players have signed no one

    Wenger will no doubt use the previous excuses that there were no top quality players available and conveniently forget players like MATA who slipped through his grip to save a few million

    If this doesn’t change we will be left behind. Over the last 2 seasons we have been close to dropping out of the top 4. We need to make a show of intent soon before we end up like liverpool

  13. I read what some Everton fans have to say about Fellaini. They say most of the time he doesn’t do anything, but sometimes he’s brilliant. A DM needs to be a consistent player. I still think at £25m he’s over-priced. We should be looking at players like Kondogbia or Capoue instead.

  14. 6friends of mine left to man city en man u due to de devastates cz thy tired of throwing their money on water for buy tickets on 8years trophyless arsena. Plz wenger buy quality but nt quantity player. Its ur history now of selling quality player en buy quantity of smal boys plz improve .

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