WOW! Arsenal complete TREBLE Premier League award swoop!!

While this might come as a surprise to most Arsenal fans, it will also drive those of us of the AOB persuasion to distraction and should have the Jose Mourinho lovers even more hopping mad and spitting feathers, because Arsene Wenger was last night voted as the Premier League manager of the year.

Not such a surprise is that Alexis Sanchez scooped the players´ award but when you see that Arsenal were also voted as the team of the year, you get the sneaking suspicion that the voting may have been slightly overrun by the Gooners out there in social media land. The awards were the Facebook Football Awards after all so maybe we should take the winners with a big spoonful of salt.

It is another reminder that the Gunners are a much popular club than the rich blue boys Chelsea though, especially after their dismal turn out for the open top bus parade. Hopefully we will get another chance to prove this when Arsenal win the FA cup at Wembley on Saturday and show the chavs how a celebration should be done.

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