A mixed midweek for the Arsenal Womens and Mens teams


As the Arsenal Women failed to beat Manchester City, losing 2-1 in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, in contrast to them, our men’s team pulled out a satisfying penalty shootout after finishing the game 0-0 after 90 minutes, beating Liverpool on penalties 5-4 helped them to advance to the next round of the Carabao Cup.


Of course, it would have been nice for both of our teams to progress and get positive results on the same day. But as that was not to be, at least one of our teams had done well, rather than both doing poorly!


The two games couldn’t be any different really. The Arsenal women hardly got out of the blocks and despite a wondergoal equaliser by Jordan Nobbs, they quickly fell back behind and lost 2-1 to a dominant Manchester City side, who seemed to work for it and want it more on the night. They got their reward and now they move on to the final of the FA Cup that will take place at Wembley.


Whereas on the other hand, the men came out with a determined performance against a strong Liverpool side and with some key saves at 0-0 in the game by Leno, the game was forced into penalties where he then saved two penalties and helped our men to a 5-4 win.

For the Arsenal women, they will now dust themselves off and move on and look to pick themselves up for their next round of games and for the men, they will now carry this positivity and add it to their already great mentality and try to achieve even more greatness under a manager that will accept nothing less. Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

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