Alonso goal typifies why Chelsea will beat Arsenal to EPL title


With Arsenal going to Chelsea hoping to close the nine point gap on the current Premier League leaders, you knew that the Gunners needed a bit of luck to be on our side as well as needing a good performance, but as has been the case for pretty much the whole season, lady luck seemed to be ignoring Arsenal.

Our injury and absentee situation in central midfield left the manager with no option but the inexperienced Iwobi and Chamberlain, but we actually started well and were looking good, for about 12 minutes. Then it all went wrong and the goal by Marcos Alonso typified why this season will see Chelsea and not Arsenal lift the EPL trophy.

How was that not a foul on Bellerin? I fully believe it would have been given at the other end. I know that Alonso did not intend to foul Bellerin but he caught him in the face with his elbow. Accidental or not it should have been a fee kick and the fact our right back had to go off just compounded the problem.

The fact that the header from Diego Costa bounced back off the bar in the ideal place for Chelsea also shows just how things are going their way and against us. Fair play to them becausse they have been very strong, but you also need luck to win a title and Arsenal just do not seem to get any.

Even if we come back to win or draw after this early setback, you just get the feeling that Chelsea are bulletproof.

1 thought on “Alonso goal typifies why Chelsea will beat Arsenal to EPL title

  1. When will Arsene Wenger and Arsenal ever get their due from these headstrong epl referees. How could the elbow on Bellerin not have been a foul??!! How could the goal have stood. Where could Arsenal have gone wrong with these English referees? Why all this hatred for The Arsenal?

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