Arsenal boss wrong with Liverpool transfer taunt?

As if the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates tonight was not already going to be hard fought enough, Arsene Wenger has ensured that Brendan Rodgers will be desperate for his players to get one over on us.

The Arsenal boss has chosen to have his say on the Raheem Sterling transfer saga and he has made it crystal clear, as reported by the Daily Mail, that he is on the side of the young England international.

We have all had a laugh at how Rodgers and former Liverpool players have tried to put pressure on Sterling and then say he was not really much good anyway one he signed for Man City, so Wenger´s well chosen words will surely hit hom on Merseyside.

He said, “I personally rate Raheem Sterling, we will see that in the longer term. I personally don’t think that Sterling was making a lot of drama. It’s just during the transfer window that that happened.

“During the season the boy was quiet, never made any stupid statement. I don’t think he made too much noise. Will they miss him? He’s a quality player. But they bought [Roberto] Firmino. We will see what he will produce. He is a similar player.

“But let’s remember two years ago with [Luis] Suarez, [Daniel] Sturridge and Sterling, they scored over a hundred goals. Score more than a hundred goals in the Premier League, you need special quality to do that, and Sterling was part of that.”

As were Suarez and Sturridge, neither of whom will be facing Arsenal tonight and I´m sure that was part of Wenger´s message. And after the way the Anfield club spoke about Arsenal when we bid for Suarez and then beat them to Alexis Sanchez, they had it coming. But was it wise of Wenger to wind them up ahead of the match?

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