After seeing Arsenal fail to score against Manchester United, one of the key questions raised was that Arsenal’s attacking options still aren’t the greatest despite the position we are currently in, topping both the Champions League group and the Premier League.

Arsenal have Olivier Giroud as their main striker, who had a cracking start to the season, but has since trailed off with his form along with a few other top players at the club. After the closure of the transfer window most fans were left disappointed with the fact we hadn’t signed a striker, however the majority saw past it to recognise that if we could keep Giroud in top form as well as injury free, then he alone may be enough to led the team’s attack until January at the very least.

However the drop in form, which has almost seen Giroud look scared to shoot, has left many fans worried that if the goal scoring dries up from midfield as well, then we may need to start thinking about pushing that panic button. At the moment, the club’s only real centre forward back-up is Danish international Nicklas Bendtner, who has surprisingly played 7 games in all competitions so far this season. However, Bendtner is yet to score a goal on his return to the Arsenal side and so he doesn’t look to be much help.

We also then have Chu Young Park, who is another player to forget before you start to riddle it down to the likes of Chuba Akpom. Of course we also have Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott, who admittedly can sometimes play the strikers role very well, they can be heavily inconsistent and right now what the Gunners need is a striker who can be on top form every single game. Suggestions of Luis Suarez and Karim Benzema being high on Arsene Wenger’s lists are sure to be mentioned come January; however could Manchester City and Bosnia striker Edin Dzeko be an answer to our troubles?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time we were linked with Dzeko and Wenger has supposedly looked towards signing him from City in the past, however with the front man finally beginning to get fed up with playing second fiddle at the Etihad Stadium, could it be Arsenal’s time to pounce? With just Giroud to compete with, Dzeko would be able to get the regular playing time he so clearly wants.

I definitely think Dzeko is a good player and I would have loved to see him play for the Gunners because whenever he seems to play for City, he always notches a few goals. A powerhouse on both the ground and in the air, Dzeko’s ability is top class and he should definitely be first choice at a top European club. However the main reason why I think Arsenal probably won’t or shouldn’t go for him is the fact that he is quite similar to Giroud. If we are going to buy another striker, he needs to be good with his feet and pacey both on and off the ball, because otherwise we will have two similar players fighting for one spot and what we need now is a plan B.

If the price is right, Arsenal could well move for Dzeko and it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, I just think that there may be better suited players for the situation that the Gunners currently find themselves in.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal on alert as Dzeko edges closer to Man City exit!!

  1. l want arsene wenger go for two good striker.dependable suarez,
    rooney, and if we dont get anyone out of them, u should find sharp striker.reason why I mention suarez and rooney is that they are playing in england.A lot of striker afraid to come to england. U can try and get lewandoski,leonrete.Because a lot of good striker want to play for arsenal because of current. form and we have good miedfelder who can work for them. pls and pls arsene wenger.

  2. The problem with your argument is you have spent the first part of the article saying Arsenal need a “backup” to Giroud you then reject him because he isn’t an alternative to Giroud. Personally I believe Walcott and Podolski offer alternatives to Olivier. Dzeko would fit into the system and would be a good acquisition in January if City will let him go. As you said he would be a starting striker in any good European club.

    1. @Steve_You took the words right outta my mouth. Dzeko would be amazing for Arsenal. Only problem- I do not see City selling such talent to a direct title rival, that’s the type of thing only Wenger would do.

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