Arsenal over bad experience and looking to Wembley final says Szczesny

With all the comments that Arsenal and Poland international goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny, has been making you’d think he was either the spokesman of this team or that he was getting severely worried about the supposed threat of Iker Casillas’ transfer link to Arsenal.

But whatever the reason you cannot deny that Szczesny has been getting a mixed opinion on his words as of late, with half stating he should concentrate more on making himself a better goalkeeper than commenting on the team’s failure, whilst the other half think he is simply stating the truth. However what will you think of his new comments on the FA Cup released earlier?

Szczesny told a Sky Sports report : “We had a bad experience recently at Wembley in the League Cup final. But we’ve matured a lot and we’ve got a lot more experienced players. I think that the likes of Jack (Wilshere) and Aaron Ramsey and myself were only 18 or 19 at the time.

“We’re three years older now, we’ve got three years of experience under our belts, and we’re more prepared for it. It’s huge. We know that we’re in a very strong position to win the FA Cup this year, and we’re two games away from doing so. We’re at Wembley, so we know how important it is for the fans and all the players. I hope it’s going to be a very positive day for the club.”

Wojciech has nailed it straight on the head. How an earth did we used to think that we could be serious competitors when the majority of our team were teenagers, and although it may be a slight exaggeration, you cannot deny that they were in very important positions. Some may be angry about the fact Szczesny keeps coming out to speak to the media when instead he should be driving his wise words down the throats of the other players and working on his game but he has made some very important points recently.

Personally I don’t agree with what Szczesny has said today entirely. I mean although the players have become more mature and experience with age, they haven’t become exceptionally experienced in talent and ability because they still do not hold any trophies to their names. Of course we must remember they are still young and i would there will plenty more opportunities to win trophies with this club however I don’t think we are any more prepared this time around for the game at Wembley than we were last time.

In fact I’d go as far to suggest that we are worse off now. Not only do we lack the midfield talent that we had of Fabregas and Nasri but we also don’t have Van Persie. Players you may now hate but exceptionally talented and I think we were in a better position to win against Birmingham than we are against Wigan in the semi final.

I’m not saying I expect Arsenal to lose because honestly I would love the Gunners to pull through and make the final in our progression to success, however I think a point needs to be made that we shouldn’t feel any more confident in the team we currently have than the one we had back in the then ‘Carling Cup’ final against Birmingham.

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