Arsenal reportedly sign “The new Vieira”

Arsenal certainly seem to be sticking to Arsene Wenger’s policy of buying as many highly promising youngesters as possible, and it looks like the newest addition to the Arsenal academy is going to be the Polish wonderkid Krystian Bielik, already being dubbed the New Vieira for his skills as a defensive midfielder.

The Star has reported that the 16 year-old has been scouted from Legia Warsaw, and he must have impressed Wenger a lot as they are saying that the Gunners have agreed to pay Warsaw 1.6m GBP and he will move to Arsenal on £2,000-a-week which is pretty good for a schoolboy, even if he and his family have to relocate to London to take up the position. You never know he may already have half his relatives living in the capital already!

Bielik and his family have already taken a tour of the Emirates and the academy facilities, and obviously couldn’t have failed to be impressed, and it seems that Wenger has also invited them to the game against QPR on Boxing Day.

It is believed that Arsenal are hoping that the family will move over in January, but the parents are more keen on joining the club in January to give them more time to settle in London.

We could really do with a top-class defensive midfelder right now, but maybe Bielik will come good in a couple of years time.

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal reportedly sign “The new Vieira”

  1. When will people realise

    Polish – not a race
    Muslim – not a race
    Jewish – not a race


    1. IF I had said “Put all Poles into concentration camps” then that would be racist.
      I ACTUALLY just pointed out the FACT that there is a large Polish population in London. A FACT!

      Some people are just too PC for their own good

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