Arsenal striker promises to put things right in Bournemouth


With Arsenal having struggled to score goals in recent games it would normally be the France international striker Olivier Giroud that was the main target of the Arsenal fans’ frustration, but despite the fact he has not found the back of the net since bagging a brace against Liverpool a few weeks ago, Giroud has been playing okay and the chances we have squandered have largely fallen to his team mates.

However, he is the centre forward and so is feeling a lot of the responsibility to get the Gunners firing again as soon as possible and so the big man has promised the Arsenal fans that he will be fully focused on getting the side back to winning ways in Bournemouth today.

In an Evening Standard report the Frenchman spoke about it being crunch time for Arsenal in the race for the title, although he does not think that we have blown our chance, as long as the players can keep their heads and come back to north London with all three points today.

Giroud said, “We need to question ourselves and bounce back Sunday against Bournemouth, and after we will have a big game against Leicester. But we need to win first against Bournemouth to get in a better position.

“It’s not over, we need to stay positive and be more efficient for the next games to come. It’s a long way to go and we just need some momentum, and hopefully we’re going to start it against Bournemouth.

“It’s really ‘money time’ like we say, and we’ll see how it’s going to be. But we need to keep our heads up and keep working on what we’re doing well. And hopefully we are going to have better nights to come.”

It is true that Arsenal have been playing quite well and just need a goal to get the confidence flowing again, so what would Giroud and all of us give for a nice early goal in Bournemouth today?

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