Arsenal to sign Kane from Spurs?

This Arsenal transfer would be a massive surprise to everyone and to be honest, is unlikely to happen. But the Tottenham striker Harry Kane would be a fantastic signing for Arsenal and he would fit perfectly into the Arsenal team.

It probably won’t happen Arsenal fans, and there are no rumours linking us with him, but how often does the rumour mill get it right? It would make Kane a pariah among Spurs fans of course but if they fail to reach the Champions League AGAIN and if Arsenal do make it AGAIN, you could see why Kane might fancy the move.

It is also obvious why Wenger would like to sign him. He was the difference in the recent derby defeat and has been awesome for them this year. I like Giroud but Kane would give us more. Imagine him and Alexis chasing defenders down. He would not even cost that much, nowhere near the likes of Bale, Suarez and all and Arsenal could afford him.

Also, there are those photos of him in Arsenal kits when he was young so maybe he is a closet Gooner and would welcome the move despite the hate he would get from our north London rivals. Should Wenger go for this unlikely transfer swoop?

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One thought on “Arsenal to sign Kane from Spurs?

  1. Arsenal have directly bought a player from Spurs before, didn’t they? On his current form, Harry Kane is an Arsenal quality. Assuming he can continue with his top form next season, the boss should sake a gamble to snap him up before others do. Moreso as Kane may want to leave for a Champions league playing club next season. If the boss has no other preferred top striker to sign, I think the boss should start the process of signing Kane NOW irrespective of any Daniel Levy blocking the sale which the boss and Arsenal CEO should overcome. I think Harry Kane will choose Arsenal ahead of other clubs in the Premeir as he is reported to be a Gooner at his young age. And once a Gooner, is a Gooner for life. I hope the boss will like to sign him to give competition to Giroud next season.

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