Arsenal to spend once deadwood is all gone? Don’t count on it

Have Arsenal’s “deadwood” players been the reason for failure in recent seasons? It is a very likely scenario considering what he have seen and are still seeing this summer. The first round of “deadwood” was cleared when the likes of Denilson, Sebastian Squillaci and Andrey Arshavin. These players were waved goodbye and it cleared a fairly large amount of money from the wage bill.

The next round of “deadwood” seem to be on their way out as clubs are quietly interested and Arsene Wenger knows that he must get rid of them. These players include the likes of Park Chu Young, Nicklas Bendtner, Marouanne Chamakh, Gervinho and maybe one or two others if we are really overhauling the squad.

Chamakh seems to be close to the exit after Crystal Palace expressed interest. He may be keen to stay in London as he did last season despite having offers to return to France and to Bordeaux. He is one of the biggest drains on the wage bill at the moment and with him out of the way we could save a few million every season.

A big reason for Arsenal’s failure lately has been the lack of transfers. This summer we have gone in and made bids for Luis Suarez with big amounts of money. We haven’t yet signed anybody like this but the money being offered is hopefully proof of change.

The reason we haven;t signed anybody like this in the last few years is because of how many players we have like those mentioned above who are draining the wage bill. In a way then, this is Wenger’s fault as he signed these players and caused them to become unmovable problems.

These players have been costing the club so much money that we haven’t dared sign anybody because of how much the total bill would cost. Some of these players are out of the way which has prompted big bidding. Will there be more to come when the rest are gone?

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  1. Suggestion…boycott the Emirates Cup…hit the American where it hurts…too much talk from the fans and management…the fans are the only ones that can show commitment to the club and not the owners by not showing up on the two days

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