Pierre Aubameyang, our highest goal scorer last season, has been in the news since the beginning of the year. He began the year on a bad note with his sending off against Palace in the early weeks of January, and from there the transfer rumour mongers did everything to destabilize the team with stories and rumours about how Barcelona were interested in our top scorer. Thank goodness the transfer window ended with our main man still an Arsenal player. I was one of the fans who always hoped Auba would remain in Arsenal for a long time, even though I know every player has a price and if a club was ready to meet Arsenal’s asking price, then Arsenal would sell Pierre.

Now, the transfer window is done and dusted with; the focus now shifts back to the Premiership. With clubs fighting to play in various European competitions and clubs fighting to retain their Premiership status come end of this season, the league promises to be intriguing and suspense filled affair. The competition level amongst clubs and footballers is something that makes the English Premiership the best.

Among clubs, winning of silverware and qualifying for European competition, is what matters. But for the players, personal achievements like winning the golden boot and the player of the season, is what makes a season successful, although some players will sacrifice their individual glory for the team’s goals. Aubameyang will be striving to end the season as the highest goal scorer, just like he did last year.

However, in a recent publication by football.london (https://www.football.london/arsenal-fc/players/pierre-emerick-aubameyang-issues-message-17734639), Aubameyang reiterated his desire to end this season as the highest goal scorer once again, but he would however prefer Arsenal achieving their target than him achieving his.

Asked whether he had his eye on a repeat triumph in the Golden Boot race, Aubameyang said: “Yes. Why not? First of all I always say the most important is the team and our targets.Then if I can be top scorer it’s cool. For the moment we try to get some wins and that’s the most important.”

What Aubameyang said, is what an average footballer will say no doubt, but why I am kind of excited over what he said, is because he spoke like somebody that was dedicated to the course of the team. He sounds like somebody who is really bothered about the team’s lack of progress, despite his amount of goals. He could have kept quiet about the team’s predicament when he was asked the question, but he choose to reiterate that he would rather work for the team’s ambitions, than his.

Aubameyang has spoken honestly from his heart and all I ask is for the rest of the Arsenal team to flow along his line of reasoning and play to their best to help the team progress. Auba’s words sound like the words of somebody who is not thinking about his own future yet, but rather is thinking about helping the club achieve theirs. Who knows what may happen at the end of the season? If Arsenal qualifies for the UEFA Champions league, Aubameyang will be one of the happiest players on earth.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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