There is no explanation of why there is yet to be an official announcement about this transfer from either Arsenal or Chelsea, but it has been reported by the usually fairly reliable source of the Daily Mail that the transfer of the Czech Republic number one Petr Cech from Stamford Bridge to the Emirates stadium has been completed.

The paper says that the transfer is costing the Gunners a transfer fee or around £11 million and the keeper will earn around £100,000 a week. It also looks like this will mean that David Ospina will leave Arsenal in the summer transfer window, in order to get the regular first team football his ability deserves, with the Poland international Wojciech Szczesny staying as our reserve and possibly cup keeper.

Good luck Ospina and welcome to Arsenal, Petr Cech.

7 thoughts on “BOOM! Arsenal have already COMPLETED Cech transfer!!

  1. If it’s true then I am more then happy to see world class Pete Cech in Arsenals outfit.
    Anyway i have high hopes in Szczesny he too is world class if not for now he will be soon.

  2. Ehm, has Cech done his medical at Arsenal? And is Jose Mourinho pulling a financial string on Arsenal for this transfer? We’ll know why the delays in announcing Cech arrival at Arsenal is delayed, sooner than later. Are Podolski, Campbell and Ospina going out of Arsenal to help finance Cech moving in to Arsenal?

  3. Sky sources : cech will undergo a medical at arsenal from next monday to wednesday , why is this deal dragging so long ?

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