Can Arsenal take heart from Man Utd and Mourinho problems?


It was looking pretty bad for Arsenal fans and our hopes of a successful season for our club in the early stages of the new Premier League season, but after the latest round of games which have been played after the first international break I think we are all a little bit happier.

And one reason for this is because the early form of Manchester United was looking pretty ominous after they took maximum points by winning the first three games and did not even concede a goal. So with Jose Mourinho’s record of being a strong front rummer we really needed something to knock them off their stride and we got it in the shape of Stoke City who scored twice and then frustrated United to claim a draw.

Mourinho was not happy and refused, twice apparently, the offer of a handshake from mark Hughes. That was not the only sign that the Portuguese manager is not a happy bunny either, because he has been having a pop at Chelsea and the tactics of his former club under Antonio Conte. He has had another pop at Arsene Wenger, according to the loudmouth Piers Morgan, and he has been talking trash about his two Old Trafford predecessors David Moyes and Louis van Gaal as well.

All this smacks of there being something wrong and I welcome that, because when things are going well for Mourinho and Man United then we have good reason to worry. As it is, can Arsenal fans start to feel a bit more hopeful about the season ahead?

2 thoughts on “Can Arsenal take heart from Man Utd and Mourinho problems?

  1. Does it really matter what two gossips say to each other. Piers and Jose are horrible people. Bugging unsuspecting celebrities’ phones to publishing doctored photos for propaganda. Jose called Wenger a voyeur and we now know he is the Chief Voyeur. He has nothing on Conte who took over traumatized players at Chelsea and moulded into a mean title winning machine. In doing so he humiliated Jose (4:0 at Stamford Bridge. No wonder there’s no love lost between them. He refused to shake hands with a fellow manager over the weekend

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