Carlos Vela not so keen on Arsenal move any more?


Although Arsenal have the option to buy back Carlos Vela from Real Sociedad for just 4 million euros, the Mexican international now seems to have decided that he would rather remain at the Basque club.

Just last week Vela announced he would be willing to return to the Emirates but his latest utterings seem to indicate the opposite. He said: “The majority of Sociedad’s players are from the youth system and this has turned the dressing room into something more familiar,”

“I never felt comfortable in London and I never enjoyed it, however, when I got to Sociedad, I found a place where I was very happy, where I’m enjoying myself every day.

“The English game is very straightforward. Here, the difference is that there are more touches of the ball and that benefits me.”

It has been reported that Arsenal are currently talking to Sociedad about Vela and his talented team-mate Anthoine Griezmann, so perhaps Vela now knows that the Gunners are not keen on bringing him back and Vela is covering himself with the local fans, or perhaps he is simply telling the truth?

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