Come on Mikel, your Arsenal honeymoon is over

Time to move forward and start winning games again.

Hello Arsenal family! What a lovely day it is gonna be. I can’t wait to relish all the goodies this day has to offer. Put a smile on your faces today, because life is beautiful.

I woke up this morning with joy in my heart. The joy has been in my heart all night and I will like to explain why to you all.

Now, I am somebody who mourns a while and afterward, I put up a smile on my face and look positively ahead. Arsenal played a drab draw against a team we should have beaten well and many fans are not happy. Many fans are scared of what will happen in the future to the club based on current happenings; some believe it is all gloom and doom. Well, I also believe Arsenal will not redeem themselves this season but I believe they will start playing well soon, thereby giving fans the hope of a better next season. In as much as I have doubts about Arteta doing wonders with this team on a long run, I won’t be the type to ask for him to be sacked based on current results. He was appointed just in December and it won’t be out of order if the club allows him stay until the end of this season at least, to prove his worth.

As far as the premiership is concerned, Arteta may find it hard improving Arsenal’s performances and probably get us into the top four, but that does not mean the season would be a failure. I strongly believe we will qualify for the Champions league, via the Europa league. So help us God!

Now, the major reason why I am so positive and happy is because I foresee Arteta grabbing the bull by the horn and stepping on some toes, in order to improve the team’s performances. Many of the players who have been playing regularly ever since Arteta’s appointment may soon start sitting out games. They have not really given our gaffer what he wants and this may force him to stop experimenting with the team and start using players who will get him the desired results. Players like our present top nine and some midfielders, may have to be sacrificed for the team to start playing well again. The criticisms Arteta has been receiving ever since we drew against Burnley must have surely gotten to him and he must be thinking of how to start getting results, and winning the fans to himself. After the game against Burnley, Arteta would be thinking of how to start winning games, knowing full well that his honeymoon period is over. I can’t wait to see Arteta start winning games for the club. We may not finish in the top six, but it will be a disaster if Arsenal actually ends the season with nothing at all.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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2 thoughts on “Come on Mikel, your Arsenal honeymoon is over

  1. What an article. You did’nt seem to get to the point. When you say Arteta will will soon grab the bull by horns but said zilch what it is he’ll do. On and on your article goes.
    I think Arteta is wrong choice with zero experience. We need men like Nouno,Hassenhutl or Anceloti. Having a Wenger style wont get us anywhere. As it is we will be lucky to finish top 10.

  2. They should give Arteta atleast till end of season? Have you gone mad!! Stop being so luck a fickle fan. He has been there all of 10 mins and has made improvements. Jheez some people have memory spans of a goldfish

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