If it takes Podolski to get Draxler, should Arsenal do it?

Reports coming out of the transfer gossip columns suggests a new turn in the tables for Arsenal’s interest in young German international Julian Draxler. Draxler has been linked with the Gunners for a substantial amount of the January transfer window and before, but as of yet nothing on the subject seems to have changed. But with less than 10 days now remaining in the window, Arsenal fans will be desperately hoping Arsene Wenger can pull off another big money deal, even if it follows the fashion of the summer 2013 deadline day.

So far, Arsenal has supposedly offered around £35 million to Schalke for Draxler, which was reportedly rejected. However due to the fact this news wasn’t picked up by the likes of the BBC and Sky Sports, I would suggest that there was probably little truth in that bid. I think there is probably little more than registered interest at this stage from Arsenal, although Schalke will be more than aware of how desperate the Gunners are for their young sensation.

This has led to the latest reports coming from the national newspapers that suggest Arsenal could be willing to offer Lukas Podolski plus money for Draxler, which would see one German leave the club for another. The Sun newspaper reports that a £20 million deal plus Podolski could be offered to the German club, whilst other reports from the Metro and Daily Mail suggest other similar offers.

Although the media seems collective in stating Arsenal’s interest that lack of significant truth in the sums involved suggests that there’s nothing really too concrete in this move and that Arsenal fans shouldn’t start getting too excited, at least for the time being. Personally I think Podolski is worth well in excess of £13 million, especially if De Bruyne has just been sold for £17 million by Chelsea. Therefore a value of Podolski and over £20m is just far too much for Draxler despite his potential ability.

Prices may be inflated in January but there is no way that the Gunners should be looking to spend such money and besides that surely I’m not the only one who still believes Podolski can do a good job for the team. Should we even offer them Podolski or just more cash?

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4 thoughts on “If it takes Podolski to get Draxler, should Arsenal do it?

  1. I too think podolski has so much to offer,but i also like the look of this kid,buy out clause £36 mill,so how much do we offer,well i agree podolski +£22 mill should be enough,but as we are the buying club we must make it tasty for selling club so over we offer buy out clause £36mill or a very worthy bid of both,player and £25mill is what the Germans would expect.

  2. I think the deal is done but both players will stay where they are until the summer as both are cup tied in the champions league.

    I am still hopeful that a striker will come in and I have a sneaky feeling about rooney or costa

    although I wouldn’t rule out a swap deal involving bendtner and klose

  3. Wenger has stated time without number that he is not close to signing anyone.but some douche here are still linking him with someone.
    Get a life dude and stop write about arsenal.

  4. No way. For years we have complained about Wenger buying POTENTIAL and cried out for the finished products.

    Here we have the most capped German player at his peak, a player who can also play as striker, a player who scores lots of goals and we are replacing him with a WINGER who might one day be a striker, much like Theo Walcott who was also bought as a POTENTIAL striker.

    We are supposed to now be keeping our best players and ADDING to the squad.

    What is next, selling Vermaelen and replacing him with a kid, how about not giving Sagna a renewed contract and replacing him with a kid too.

    All this replacing experienced players with potential rot and it’s the EXACT reason we have gone so long without a trophy. Today, with so much money, continuing to do this is Mickey Mouse management. It is pathetic.

    No way would I part with Podolski. It is ridiculous, especially for potential.

    I have noticed how young supporters like young players who are also hyped to hell, they take in all that hype, lap it up. There is a saying, “repeat the lie as many times as you can and eventually everybody will believe it.”

    Look at the many hyped players we have been linked with, players we did not buy, players the same fans got excited about. Why do you think they are still at the same club years later or some other obscure team?

    Arsenal are now a team who buy the finished articles so we should wait for Draxler to prove he is worthy of a place in the team.

    Think about it. A team full of worthy players who are proven performers and who have proven they can handle the Premiership. What possibly can justify replacing any of them with potential talent with no Premiership experience? You can have a steel chain with giant thick links, it will be super strong, but what happens if you change one of the links with one made from aluminium? Why would you do such a thing?

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