Long term Alexis Sanchez injury the end of Arsenal title race?


This was the thing that all Arsenal fans, and Arsene Wenger I’m sure, were dreading and we kind of knew that an injury to Alexis Sanchez was possible after all the games he has played for club and country over the last year or two.

I am not here to blame the boss or anything like that, at least not in this article anyway, but to look at the potential repercussions of this latest blow. First of all we need to find out how long he will be out as that will make a big difference as to how badly this affects our chances in the Premier League.

Looking at the injury prognosis page of the physioroom.com website shows that a minor hamstring strain means 1-2 weeks, a moderate strain is 3-4 weeks and a severe 5-6 weeks.

The player himself apparently told Wenger that it was not bad so if we are really lucky (and pigs might fly) then he could be back in time to face Olympiacos and would certainly be okay for the Man City game. If it is moderate and that seems more likely we will be lucky to have him back for the festive period but if we do that would be a huge boost as he would be fresh for that key part of the season.

If it is severe and I fear that it is, Arsenal could be out of the title race by the new year. So what´s it to be Arsenal fans?

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