Mourinho says Wenger has the “dream job”

Arsenal Rueing Their Early Season Form by SG

It goes without saying that Arsenal FC have a history which is the envy of most football teams. Yet, until The Gunners’ nine-year trophy drought was ended last season when they lifted the FA Cup, the noise of the questions being asked about the club’s ambition continued to grow ever louder. And even winning the grand old trophy did not sate the appetite of everyone.

The 2014-15 season has been another case in point. Arsenal’s 2014 FA Cup win merely raised expectations among supporters who hoped that Arsene Wenger would be able to rekindle his midas touch and use the success as a springboard.

The club’s patchy form and over-reliance on the brilliance of Alexis Sanchez prior to Christmas, coupled with their exit from the UEFA Champions League in the Round of 16 to little fancied AS Monaco did nothing to dispel the view that Wenger might not be able to push his side a step further.

It was a view propagated by an interview which Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho gave to Sky Sports on their Goals on Sunday programme:

“He (Wenger) has a dream job that we’d all love to have. I think every manager in the world would like the stability by being here year after year after year, to buy to sell and rebuild and wait and wait for success.”

Wenger, of course, oversaw the transitional period at Arsenal when moving from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium. His success in the late nineties/early noughties with a side that continually jousted with Sir Alex Ferguson’s all-conquering Manchester United perhaps bought him time. However, the move to their new ground also ushered in a period of prudence with transfer fees and salaries, as the Arsenal board sought to cover the costs.

The nine-year gap between trophies did nothing to stop capacity crowds flocking to the Emirates to watch Wenger’s trademark attacking brand of football—tickets to watch Arsenal were, and still are, consistently in high demand.

“What he did winning so many titles in a certain period gave him that credibility that he deserves,” Mourinho opined in the same interview. “He’s a fantastic manager but I think he has a fantastic situation to be successful. When I look at the players and the squad, I really think they have to win.”

Mid-April saw Arsene Wenger’s men in the throes of an eight-game winning streak, which took them to second place in the English Premier League. Wenger himself expressed surprise at such a run of results but, had their form before Christmas not have been so inconsistent, these wins would surely have seen the North London side pushing Mourinho’s Chelsea much closer in this year’s title race.

As it is, it all appears to be a case of too little, too late — and the FA Cup may just rescue the season. Again, most other clubs and their supporters can only cast envious glances.

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One thought on “Mourinho says Wenger has the “dream job”

  1. Who is the voyeur now? Wenger put in the hours, loyalty and his life into Arsenal. Mourinho chose the short gun approach of a mecernary who sold his trade to the highest bidder and biggest spender. Short-termism vs long term planning. Wenger has been more than just a season or two coach but a wholistic manager who carried the vision of the club, sometimes even when it compromised him as a coach. He built what Mourinho now sees as a dream job which subtly is a veiled way of saying Wenger does not deserve the portfolio he is holding. Truth is, Wenger had opportunities to vagabond all of Europe making an individual record for himself and he would have certainly matched Mourinho’s title winning feat at all the big spending clubs but he chose to stay like a Budha in a monastery and build a legacy which cannot and should not be trashed by special one or two or three.

    Do Chelsea bugger and leave Wenger to do Arsenal. Pieces of the puzzle are coming together now that the infrastructure project is over. Arsenal should and will be standing toe to toe withChelsea next season and the mercenary knows it hence the envy and unsavory attacks on Wenger. Not long ago Mourinho asked why Arsenal is not challenging the league title like Chelsea and ManC, Now Arsenal is the one closest to Chelsea on the log and thanks to a good start to the season Mourinho will win it but the gunners are making their intention clear that next season they will be going hammer and tongs with all the BPL moneybags

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