Should Arsenal bring back Bergkamp as striker coach?

One of the best players to grace the pitch in an Arsenal shirt is Gunners legend Dennis Bergkamp. It’s been awhile since we last saw Bergkamp at the club, however is there any chance that he could be in for a return role in the coaching department?

Dennis Bergkamp left the Arsenal as one of the club’s greatest ever players. The Dutchman was one of the most influential and creative players that not just arsenal have seen, but that the Premier League has seen in its entirety. His legendary status therefore obtains much admiration, and players are surely ambitious to play the role that Bergkamp did. He was influential on the pitch as well as more recently off it, with Bergkamp telling how he teaches youth players, ‘The Arsenal Way.’

Bergkamp is currently a coach in his home nation of Holland, working with players at Ajax. Bergkamp has often been linked with a return to North London, with the idea of a coaching role being mentioned every now and then, but such a move has never materialised. Speaking to, Bergkamp spoke of how ‘The Arsenal Way’ of playing has remained with him and he is keen to infuse his techniques on the game, through every available opportunity he gets.

Bergkamp said: “I’ve been in coaching now about seven or eight years, or nine maybe, but the best thing for me is being on the pitch, especially with the strikers, that’s my kind of thing, to teach them the details of football.

“How to control a ball, how to shoot a ball, how to pass it, how to look for other players. That’s my main thing, my ambition is not to be a head coach, to be the top coach, but more our work now in the coaching staff and play my part within the room.

“I’m giving my opinion and tell them how I feel about it, but in the end there is a head coach who decides what’s happening and my part is more on the pitch with the players, especially the strikers. The first thing when I watch English football is I want to see Arsenal, I want to see how they are doing. I played 11 years at Arsenal and I tried to give something back to the players that I’m teaching now.”

Arsenal has clearly had a longstanding effect on Bergkamp, so much so he is teaching the next generation of footballers coming out of Ajax, to follow the Gunners style of play. Bergkamp has been coaching for many years now and has been linked with a return to Arsenal. With the experience in management that he now has, do you think he’d be a useful addition to the Arsenal staff? Should the club officials look at bringing another Arsenal legend back to the club, in the same format that saw Henry’s return to Arsenal come through coaching?

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