Should Arsenal even be travelling to Austria?


Are Arsenal endangering themselves by traveling to Austria?

The Sun has reported that a Rapid Vienna player has recently tested positive for coronavirus and although the player who is unnamed is isolating at home. we are still expected to travel to play as there is no risk posed to anyone else.

Although it has been revealed that “Routine tests uncovered a single case of coronavirus with additional checks set to take place ahead of Thursday’s game.” what I fail to understand is that if the player has already tested positive, it won’t take two days to get out of his system will it! And so, Arsenal are still expected to travel to Austria and are still expected to take part in the game even though he has more than likely come into close contact with his teammates.

This again defeats the object of close contact and no risk of contracting the virus because if the play is a first teamer and has tested positive then surely he will have given his teammates a bigger risk of catching the virus when he came into close contact with them right?

Not going ahead with the game will surely add to our already congested fixture list going into the winter period but surely it is better to be safe than sorry and surely it isn’t worth risking all of our players and staff contracting the virus just for the sake of getting the game done and dusted.

How this decision is logical and fair is beyond me. I am sure that if it was an Arsenal player that contracted the virus and tested positive (god forbid) the whole of the opponent’s team would refuse to play let alone travel. Arteta tested positive back in March and the whole league was put on hold, and as cases are rising surely the most logical thing to do would be to postpone the game and play at a more safer date when all players have negative results. Just a thought, hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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