Spud tormentors mashed by Arsenal

Does it get any better than that for Arsenal fans? There were so many positive things for us to take from the sensational spanking that Arsenal handed out to Benfica at the Emirates Cup today, I hardly know where to start. But let’s just remember that the team we just handed a right tonking to, were the same side that knocked Tottenham out of the Europa League last season. Sweet.

Now on to the game, and there is lots to talk about, although we should remember this was just a pre-season affair and that we were pretty poor while losing to New York Red Bulls last weekend. But Arsenal did not have the super striking skills of Sanogo and Campbell then, so maybe things would have been a lot different.

A lot of people were impressed by the Bambi-like young Frenchman last season, but his failure to register seemed to be denting his confidence. We saw that in the early stages, but who would have thought that his first goal would turn into four. And they were not as easy as they claimed on BT Sport. His first was far from a tap-in and his fourth needed strength, speed and a lot of skill.

Rambo was a beast in the centre, Campbell had a cracking game which bodes great things for the future, Chambers was solid and safe at centre back, Bellerin did some brilliant things at right back and not one Gunner had a bad game. Even Francis Coquelin was unlucky not to get on the score sheet.

Now if we can do something like that again tomorrow against Monaco, I am having a BIG bet. How about you?

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