Three games in seven days over the Xmas period, including two of them away at our direct rivals for Fourth Place, was always going to be a tall order for the depleted Arsenal squad, but with just one game left we are still on target.

Wojciech Szczesny has revealed that nine points was always Arsenal’s target and he is confident we will finish the job at Southampton on Thursday. “When you start the season you always want to win the championship,” the Polish keeper said. “That is the only thought in our heads. But with the position that we are in, we have to look at short-term goals.

“We said before the run of Christmas games we wanted nine points. We have six so far, so we go to Southampton with confidence to get three points. They won’t be short of confidence either after a good result against Chelsea.

“Of course we want to catch up on Chelsea and Manchester City. But for now we have to climb up the table and see if we can put pressure on them.”

It is amazing that we are still climbing up the table with our massive injury list, could it just be possible that we will get our full squad available and really start to challenge for the title? We are only halfway through the season so anything is possible right?

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