Samir Nasri is an idiot

Former Arsenal player Samir Nasri accused Frenchman Arsene Wenger of “overplaying him”. According to the French attacking midfielder even though his form was much better when he played for the Gunners, he wasn’t feeling as good as he does now playing for City.

Arsenal’s fans accused the French midfielder of leaving the club for pure financial reasons and for choosing City’s money over his own desire, but according to himself it was about something much different than that, he prefers to send his time on the bench!

“At Arsenal, I played too much.” Nasri whined.

Whose Fault Was Jack Wilshere’s Injury?

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke about a possible injury caused by too many played games by young hotshot Jack Wilshere that we actually thought at a certain point that Wilshere will grow old on the bench.

Wenger was so convinced that Wilshere needs to be taken easy and not forced to play too much, that he was saying that every two weeks or so, so why did the young Gun get that injury Wenger seemed to be so careful about?