Former Arsenal player Samir Nasri accused Frenchman Arsene Wenger of “overplaying him”. According to the French attacking midfielder even though his form was much better when he played for the Gunners, he wasn’t feeling as good as he does now playing for City.

Arsenal’s fans accused the French midfielder of leaving the club for pure financial reasons and for choosing City’s money over his own desire, but according to himself it was about something much different than that, he prefers to send his time on the bench!

“At Arsenal, I played too much.” Nasri whined.

“I score less than at Arsenal, but I don’t have the same role.”

“I came here to win the title, play at the highest level and I’m improving.”

Nobody is vitally important for a team like Arsenal, but unfortunately Samir Nasri’s very late departure left the Gunners uncovered in the midfield. Fabregas’ move to Barca added to that, so we can understand why Arsenal’s season was such a poor one, and frankly speaking we could either blame the players for leaving or we could blame Wenger for not preventing this or not bringing in some quality replacements within a timely fashion.

Nasri will forever be a player less favored by the Gunners fans despite having proved his skills at the club. His scandalous departure erased all the good things he did for Arsenal, and this statement won’t help his case at all.

I seriously hope that Arsenal overtake Man City for second place before the end of the season.

41 thoughts on “Samir Nasri is an idiot

  1. He is nothing but an ingreat, just give him one more season his situation will be like that of Hleb, Reyes etc. No one leaves without the blessings of Prof excels. One thing for sure both City and Gunner will run throphyless this season, let them wait Us next season. Gunners 4 ever. In Arsen We Trust!

  2. Nasri is just a bloody idiot & with him playing less now, am sure he now worth half of what he was bought. All he wants is to win a trophy even if he has not contributed little to the campaign. A gold digger

  3. this guy is a joke. he plays less, is less relevant and doesnt score as much. the only thing bigger is his check and his ego. i never thought it would ever come to this, but every time i think of manchester, i seem to cheer on the reds these days just to spite city.


  5. I cannot see that Nasri is improving … but then he doesn’t always get a game (!) He was brilliant in Autumn of 2010 and went off later in the Winter when he probably was overplayed (and see also below).

    He left for two reasons …

    > He couldn’t see the team winning much, based on the then transfer policy and protection of inadequate young players paid more than he was (eg. Bendtner and Denilson !)

    > When he was being described as the best player in EPL – that Autumn – Nasri was on £35k per week and asked for a large raise. He was told to wait till the Summer. He asked for that intention to be put in writing. It never was and he got bitter about that treatment.

    It is called mis managing your human resources !!

    1. You clearly do not know Nasri’s greedy side that well do you. Let me remind you of his greedy antics before joining Arsenal. On the month he had agreed to sign he decided at a very late stage not to sign insisting that he’ll do it on return from the world cup. Sadly France was knocked out very early and the opportunity he had planned to use to inflate his value and attract more suitors was lost. At that point only Arsenal were there waiting and he signed. Even then, he was a player always looking out the window because he saw himself as a bigger star who should earn more…even if it was with a bitter rival like Man U.
      I’m shocked that anybody can still believe Nasri’s lies. The guy just loves money and money only! From his behaviour you can tell he loves money to a point where he could kill for it!!!

  6. Sometimes someone can have no words to say!he is proving wrong to left at Arsenal and what is he is is total Wrong. He could say this ”I am getting a less chance to play because of the quality team is having”.

  7. Sorry, but IMHO Nasri is not an idiot. He merely left us for more money to boost his all too short career (like many of his profession).
    You can’t blame guys like him for taking the short cut to security, although it doesn’t say much for loyalty.
    Once he told Wenger he wanted to leave, the die was cast and we were well rid of him in the end.
    Like many ex-Arsenal players, he will soon realise that the grass isn’t always greener.

  8. what a statement by a confused player dat want to justify himself by all means in d situation he puts himself in. Sorry boy, u hav missed it. Am laughing #hahahaha. . . . . #

  9. @ Cambridge Chris

    Not giving your player a raise after 4 good months of football is not bad man management. He was great for 4 months then was asked to prove he could be good over a season and failed miserably. Arsenal wouldn’t have wanted to give him much of a summer raise after the sh*t 2011 he had so they are probably pleased it wasnt in writing.
    Should we have put him on £140,000 a week because he was the best in the league for 4 months? absolutely not. Chamakh looked great when he 1st came to the club, should we have upped his wage by £100,000? Of course not. Players need to show they can play consistently before demanding star-player wages. Nasri knew he wouldn’t be able to do that so he left to go somewhere he could get star-wages without proving himself.

    If he was at any other club that didn’t have the ridiculous resources of City then he would have been labelled a flop. Scored 4 in 35 games – considering the number of goals City score this is fairly abysmal. He assists a few, 7 in all competitions, but you would expect a far better return for the wages and transfer fees paid.

    1. it would be interesting how many of those assists are from corners because he’s often city’s corner taker. those kind of assists only half count in my opinion

  10. He is jos an ingrate if I must say. He robably wnt bcos of d money ‘n’ nt bcos of titel. Title my foot!

  11. this is just the begining of nasir’s suffering, come next season he will be crying for another club to come and deliver him. Mancity are career killers! Someone shud tell him dat.

  12. He shud jst shut up n continue warming the bench. We dnt nid him anyway! Let’s c hw many games he’ll strt amongest the remaining 10games.

  13. No player worth his jersey would make that sort of statement. He’s a foolish guy.

  14. He realised his mistake too late and is looking for something to cover face. Four good months of top form and he went gaga. He should ask Adebayor, Hleb, Flamini and co. Grass is not always greener on the other side. That is not to say Wenger got it right. He should have got a better replacement when it was obvious he was not extending his contract. Good business all the same.
    Come next season, Nasir will be begging a team to get him on loan.
    Funny enough, we are both gonna be trophyless this season, so City or Arsenal, Nasir is some bucks richer and miles backward career wise.

  15. Nasri is confused instead of crying out 4 help,wel is a sign of fustration.Messi.Ronaldo,Van persie,yaya toure,xavi Alonso,iniesta.n other players, i have nt had dat dey complained of ovaplayin.lampard was benched for some games he started feelin who is nasri.HE SHUD SHUT D F**K UP N SIT ON DAT BENCh

  16. Sunderland spend every season. They should be able to afford him for £8m and 65k/week pay come 2013 summer because he will be in Man City next season with overall 20 appearances.

  17. With Rosicky in form, Nasri who? Fab is the player truly missed and makes Nasri void look worst than it is. Nasri should be paying arsenal agent fees for inflating his valve.

  18. He is a bloody dister & traitor.He will forever curse dat day he decided 2 leave ars.He was supposed 2 consult da likes of adbyor & Bellamy b4 making dat f**king decision 2 leave arsenal.

  19. Thin line between love and hatred,I can’t believe I’ll ever say this to nasiri(my one time hero)but nasiri if you can hear me I wish you will never win a trophy in your career.I hate You with passion like I use to love you before….IDIOT

  20. am i not having a laugh?time of regret is on his way for this youngman,sorry for him.Did he go to Citeh to sit on the bench?ha,ha,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! am having a good laugh!!

  21. Machini will as usual buy 11 new players next season. Nasir will find himself in the same position as Adebayor, go to a club on loan with man city paying part of his wages. It is always very difficult buying a player fom man city because they are overpriced and have inflated wages. Adebayo is currently in trouble, spurs cannot afford his wages and city does not want him back, Same will happen to Nasir next season

  22. Yet another comment by Nasri that comfirms the reasons why I’m glad he’s not in our squad anymore. Whether or not a manager decides to rest a player or not, any true competitor would want to be on the pitch wether he is tired or not. He has no drive to be his best and will never reach the praise he’s seeking. A championship will never feel as good if didn’t fight tooth and nail to get it. He left for money and will never get the same satisfaction he got as a Gooner.

  23. Arsene Wenger himself stated that last summer he could write a book about it, i can just imagine how hard he tried to keep both fabregas and nasri.

    Nasri is a imbosile city havent won anything apart from a FA Cup big frkn deal. man u this year arsenal;s next lets c whos the boss then!

    People having a go at Nasri should not forget Fabregas held Arsenal to ransom more than Nasri. To say fabregas – himself say he gave arsenal 8 years and then left is utter rubb.ish ofcourse he gave us 8 years this is the club that gave him a chance to be a world class midfielder to say arsene snapped him from barca is B FRKN S! if that was the case then any club would have seen how good xavi and inesta were fabregas knew he wasnt that good and left hence he signed here barca didnt rate him back then and hence didnt persuade him to stay! once barca found out they did a mistake they came back running feeding fabregas cr@p and his family and fabregas as dumb as can be fell for it.

  24. A man does not realise his mistakes until he can no longer see his way back 2 winning ways,Nasri will surely wish he never left Arsenal.

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