Wenger wants AC Milan to be punished

Arsene Wenger saw his team fight back and come very close to getting the needed 4-0 win over AC Milan last night, but the Arsenal manager is still smarting over the disgusting state of the San Siro pitch during the first leg.

Both wings of the pitch had been dug up and relaid just days before Arsenal were due to play and it made the actual proper playing area available much smaller than Arsenal expected. Wenger believes this contributed to the 4-0 defeat and thinks that the Italian giants should be punished by footballs governing powers.

Gazidis is eager for UEFA’s financial fair play rule

Arsenal’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis thinks that the financial fair play law that UEFA is going to impose in football will be a great rule because it will attract more potential owners towards the Premier League. Gazidis fears that powerful owners like those of PSG, Manchester City or Malaga are chasing away other potential owners.

“We are at a point now where we are seeing transfer fees and players’ salaries continue to go up and we’re seeing fewer and fewer potential owners able to own a Premier League team. The pool is so small you’re looking around the world for a handful of individuals to be a benefactor for these clubs.”