Underwhelming Arsenal transfer rumour no. 27 – Tin Jedvaj

Arsenal are today being linked with a defender, which is nice to see for a change from the usual persisting rumours of strikers Higuain and Rooney. The club desperately need to add to their defence as well as their attack, but I’m sure the centre back being linked with us, definitely isn’t the player on everyone’s lips.

According to the London Evening Standard, Arsene Wenger is keeping his eye on Dinamo Zagreb defender Tin Jedvaj, as he looks to strengthen his defensive options at the club. The problem is Jedvaj is just 17 years old! Typical isn’t it? Every transfer period Wenger makes sure he buys at least one upcoming star and although this is a recent rumour, unheard of anywhere else, I really wouldn’t be surprised if Le Prof really does have his eye on the young Croatian.

Jedvaj made just 13 appearances last season, in his only professional season in football so far. Because of this the £6 million reported fee is absolutely ridiculous and surely the interest, if any, should end here because quite simply why should we even consider looking at a player of this standard when it’s clear to everyone else we need to make the most of this window and spend efficiently and correctly.

However no doubt some will argue that he may be worth taking a risk upon, although I’m sure those people will also agree that the figure of cash involved shouldn’t be worthy of a mention. They will argue that when Real Madrid bought Varane for a reported £8 million two years ago, it too was seen as a massive risk, however under Mourinho’s guidance the risk paid off, and if Mourinho was able to nurture the talent of a youngster we all known Wenger will be more than capable of the same.

Admittedly Arsenal has let a lot of it’s youth team defenders go this summer and so there could be some realism to the report. There is no way Wenger would pay such an extortionate price however if he can get Zagreb to lower their price, so perhaps Arsenal will have a new young talent on the blocks.

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One thought on “Underwhelming Arsenal transfer rumour no. 27 – Tin Jedvaj

  1. What a negative post. What is wrong with buying young players as well as old? I for one do not want the Galactico approach.

    Whine, moan, bleat and complain . . .

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