Van Gaal – If you want to be Champions, you must be like Arsenal!

Louis Van Gaal saw his Man United team struggle to a 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace yesterday and drop a little further behind Arsenal and Man City into 4th place in the Premier League

“I am not happy because if you want to be the champions, you have to win these kinds of matches.

“Arsenal beat Swansea, for example. We lost against Swansea, even though we were the better team, but they have beaten them 3-0.”

I don’t know if you noticed Louis, but we also beat YOU LOT 3-0 not very long ago, so yeah, if you want to be Champions you have to not only play like us, you need to BE Arsenal.

An absolutely brilliant October for Arsenal with five wins for the first team and an inconsequential defeat by our reserves. All we have to do now is continue in this rich vein of form, and forget about our RIVAL (we only have one!) and the title will be ours!

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3 thoughts on “Van Gaal – If you want to be Champions, you must be like Arsenal!

  1. let’s forget about Vangaal, man.u or city even Chelsea, mourinho did that and see for your self, let mind our own business, now my problem is Bayern, please Arsene Wenger, please use ballerin on right wing and Gabriel paulister at right back and I can assure you that we will win or draw, ballerin drop but abit closer to coucolin to close the gap on coaster. whiles monrel will play the right but and still overlaps much. so that it will be like three back some times and five back most is the time. thanks

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