Walcott Blames The Players. Shouldn’t He Only Blame Himself?


Arsenal’s out of form winger Theo Walcott thinks that the players must take responsibility, but really, he’s the one who should take the most because his late appearances have simply been below par.

‘The manager will take all the stick,’ he told the Daily Telegraph. ‘He looks after us. He believes in us.

‘As players we need to look at ourselves. We need to take responsibility. The last few games haven’t been good enough.

‘The worst thing is we have a lot of regrets. There are games we could have won. When you go to Swansea and score two goals you should win.’

‘We always like to reflect on the game in the dressing room, even at half-time, sharing our feelings on the game,’ he said.

‘Robin is a great captain who wants to win. He believes in the team and knows the team can do better.’

The problem is that Wenger can’t replace Walcott with anybody better at this time, and perhaps that’s why he can afford to play so badly. Arshavin is also playing poor, Park is not Arsenal material, Chamakh and Gervinho are away for the African Nations Cup and that just leaves Oxlade-Chamberlain to take over, but he’s much more needed than Arshavin so he has to take the Russian’s spot. How do you think would Wenger be able to solve things?

8 thoughts on “Walcott Blames The Players. Shouldn’t He Only Blame Himself?

  1. WALCOTT should watch what he’s saying…he had lots of chances but did nothing with them…Come Next Season,Our BARRENNESS will still continue and we will finally become A Middle Table Club,Just Like NEWCASTLE was…. For Christ’s Sake, How Can We Win Titles With PLAYERS such as CHAMAKH,DJOUROU,ARSHAVIN,SQUILLACI and ALMUNIA accompanied by UnExPerienced Kids?! TAKE THEM Off….GET NEW PLAYERS, get Dembele,M’Villa/Thiago Motta,Hummeils,A Right Full Back,Honda and Samba

  2. People ned to be patient with Walcott. He isn’t an influential player like Rvp. He is the type of player that plays well when the team plays well and he needs the service from the middle of the park which quite simply is not coming. Arteta is not a playmaker, and although I’m not a hater of Ramsey, he just hasn’t performed to standard but credit to him, his missed a year of football and hasn’t sunk. What arsenal NEED is a creative midfielder that can take the ball, turn and spray defence splitting passes: gotze, ganso or I’d even take hazard and
    Make him play a free role. We should bring in vertonghen, he can play centre back left back and defensive midfield. Those two players added to our squad would give us so many options

  3. walcott is d most useless player in arsenal’s first team, he contributes next to nothing in every game, he cnt even control a long pass for crying out loud. let him just shut up pls

  4. 2 be frank, walcot is a sprinter and not a footballler,he has lost his football rythm since we played chelsea. I fink he should be benched by chamberlain, any roy miyachi should bench arshavin, if wenger sticks 2 walcot and arshavin as starters im sure we”l sill go trophyless everyseason. Walcot is nt skillful,he cant dribble,cnt head and cant defend!, almost becoming a flop

  5. walcot: 1.hes nt skillful 2.he can be predited, 3.he complains a lot, 4.he sometimes run like he has no brain, 5.hes wasting other peoples chance eg miyachi,chamberlain,watts

    ARSHAVIN: hes lazy, has no pace, has no spirit of wining, he loves zenit n bacelona and not arsenal, he cant score, he a real flop compared to what he was playing in russia. Hes jst like an old pensioner

    DIABY: always injured, cant give long passes, looses d ball to defenders, hes so playful, and scores a lot of own goals

    SQUILLACI: a flop

    DJoUROU: useless

  6. Walcott has had a good season. I dont know why everyone is slating him so much, the amount of chances hes created for van persie are a massive improvement, people moan at him for not taking his chances, the rest of the team give him such little of the ball that he hasnt had the practice to put them away. There any many other players in the team giving much less contribution to the game than walcott!

  7. @claud, the team don’t give theo the ball because they know he’ll waste it, enough said.
    Sell theo, promote ox.

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