Wenger:”We must get Chamberlain to play in the centre”

Arsenal’s French manager Arsene Wenger offered his thoughts about the new Arsenal star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for the club’s official website. The manager thinks that Chamberlain must change his winger role into a centre midfielder role, but that he’s not yet ready to play in centre-midfield in a Premier League match.

“He is ahead of schedule,” the Frenchman told Arsenal Player. “Overall I think he has to add some ingredients to his game that will be absolutely necessary at the top but he has the basic talent – nobody can dispute that. “

“I am very happy for bringing him here. But of course now we want from him the commitment and the urgency that is requested in the Premier League. “

“One second of lacking attention defensively can cost you a game. That has changed in the modern game and that is why he is ahead of schedule. I think in the next few months he can add that to his game.”

“Let’s not be too quick. I think he has a fantastic quality of crosses. He can cross it, chip it and personally I don’t think he is ready at all yet to play in a central position in the Premier League. “

“Let’s get him there first on the flank and get him to adjust to this position.”

On the wing or in the centre one thing is for sure regarding the 18-year-old and that’s that he has to play and get experience. He’s certainly one of the most talented young players around and it would be a shame to waste all that skill. “The OX” had some excellent performances for Arsenal each time he had the chance to play, and he seems to be one of the players who will help Wenger get Arsenal back winning trophies in the future.

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