Wenger – We are normal but everyone else is crazy!

Arsene Wenger still trying to persuade everyone that he has the best interests of Arsenal Football Club at heart when he tries to balance the books every season.

He recently stated that the Gunners need to make at least 15-20 million profit every year before he can invest in the transfer market, and as the club is just about to announce a six-monthly profit of 55 million he has certainly already passed that mark with half a season to go.

But he is not very happy that he is still being critized for simply doing his job correctly. He said: “What is unbelievable is that we run the model that should be absolutely normal and we look crazy. That is crazy,”

“People will do anything stupid, but we are not crazy, we are all right. We spend 1 if we make 1 and then people say ‘what are they doing?’ That is what is absolutely mad in our world, but the whole world is bankrupt because of that.”

The whole world is bankrupt? People will do anything stupid? Perhaps Wenger does sound a little crazy when he talks like that?

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7 thoughts on “Wenger – We are normal but everyone else is crazy!

  1. If we spent 1 dollar for every 1 dollar profit made, we would already have top signings and a quality team. We’ve actually spent 10c for every dollar made. Why does he keep lying to us?

    Everyone is normal. Only the Arsenal board is greedy, note that. Arsene is paid 7M a year to cover for the board’s sin.

  2. we / fa will have to put an end of year trophy up for whos not bankrupt or overspent ,,only thing we got a chance to win,,,,,,,is wenger our football manager or book keeper??????????????

  3. I’m happy that Arsenal will still be here this time next year. Wouldn’t be happy if we ended up doing a Leeds or even worse a Wimbledon or Glasgow Rangers. Wait until the owners of Man City and Chelsea pull their money out, That’s when every Arsenal fan will be satisfied we have done the right thing.

  4. What Wenger is saying is that Arsenal tries to spend what they make and avoids going into big debts in order to win things. I am willing to be patient for that to bear fruits in trophies because it is a sustainable model. When he said that the whole world is bankrupt, he is talking about the economic situation of the world at this time. The world is truly crazy because we are behaving like ostriches who bury their heads in the sand in order to avoid the reality of the time. Prudent economy is necessary for running football. I support the policy of living within our income and making some profits. The virtue of this will be apparent sooner or later.

  5. I think Wenger is right. Only we need more marketing to raise our revenues for competing with MUtd or RM or Bar.

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