The Arsenal and France star Mathieu Debuchy managed to get his wish and leave the Gunners on loan in a deal done in the last few hours of transfer deadline day. I can understand that it was frustrating for the right back to not be playing much and that he was worried about his place in the France team for the Euro 2016 tournament in his home country this summer.

But at the end of the day, he is an Arsenal player first and foremost and it is the Gunners that pay his very good salary, so I am not sure why he feels vindicated after Arsene Wenger allowed him to join Bordeaux on loan for the rest of the season, as a report in The Sun explains.

The French defender said, ““First of all, what I’m expecting is to find joy again, because these last few months I haven’t had much joy as a football player.

“I want to be back on the pitch, to touch the ball again … and further to that I need playing time in order to go to the Euro, which is one of my main objectives.

“If I’d stayed at Arsenal without playing, I don’t think I would have been part of the squad and that’s normal.

“That’s why I came here, to play as much as possible, enjoy myself, give as much as possible to Bordeaux to they can reach their objectives and to play in the Euro in France.

“It all happened very quickly. When I got up on Monday morning, I didn’t think I was leaving anymore because a lot of doors were shut on me.

“I went to see the coach (Wenger) one last time, I showed him Bordeaux’s offer and after that it was all taken care of in half an hour.

“We all know Bordeaux, the history of the club, all the players who have played here. I’ve played for Lille so I know a little about what it’s like here and I didn’t hesitate.”

The thing is, though, we paid a fair bit of money for him and with Arsenal still fighting on three fronts we need a strong squad. What happens now if Bellerin gets an injury? You see plenty of clubs hold on to players that want to leave, like the Berahino saga, but Arsenal always seem to give the players what they want.

Hopefully this decision will not come back to haunt us but were Arsenal too soft on Debuchy in the first place?

1 thought on “Were Arsenal too soft in letting Debuchy leave?

  1. Personally I think chambers is as good as Debuchy. Also for the odd game here or there it might be time to blood Tafari Moore who has looked ready for a while now. Flamini, Gabriel and Pleguzuelo could also all cover.

    Let’s also not forget someone had to leave to allow elneny a place in the squads when they have to be updated tonight. It was either Debuchy, arteta ir rosicky that had to be left out.

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