Why Arsenal’s Jack WIL SURE prove critics wrong this year

After bursting on to the scene at Arsenal and becoming the youngest Gunner ever to play in the Premier League, about three months before his 17th birthday, Jack Wilshere quickly became a darling of the football media, with Arsenal and England fans alike rubbing our hands at the thought of how good he would become.

Wilshere is now 22-years old and, according to some critics like former England midfielder Paul Scholes, there has been little or no improvement in the intervening years. Whether you accept that as true or not, there have certainly been plenty of injury problems to frustrate Jack and stop him being able to play as he wants, but as long as he stays reasonably injury-free this season, I think he is set to make those critics eat their words.

After his latest public relations gaffe, with pictures of him smoking and drinking hitting the papers, Wilshere has apologised and vowed to really knuckle down and prove himself, as revealed in a Talksport report, and this time I think he really means it.

The World Cup in Brazil was real wake-up call for Jack, who clearly loves playing for his country. And seeing Aaron Ramsey come through his own injury crisis and overtake him in the Gunners first team has also spurred him on. Wilshere has the ability, he just needs to apply himself and that is what he is going to do this year.

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