Will Van Persie really do a complete U-Turn?


Arsenal are reportedly hopeful that their captain Robin Van Persie will do a Rooney and stay at the club by signing a new contract. The management apparently wishes to keep Van Persie at Arsenal, no matter what his final decision is, however with the power that players have these days I wouldn’t expect that to be the case, if he does decide he no longer wants to stay.

Arsenal will head into next week’s make-or-break talks with Robin van Persie hopeful the player is ready to perform a Wayne Rooney-style U-turn. This comes after suggestions from various sources that RVP, was considering his options, with only Juventus and Manchester City showing real interest.

The Gunners skipper stunned the club earlier this month with a damning statement questioning the club’s ambition whilst confirming his intention not to sign a new contract. However many believe that it is his agent Kees Vos that wants him to leave Arsenal and not Van Persie himself. After Van Persie posted his message on his websites, clearly the fans were not happy and suggestions came out that he had been poorly advised by his agent.

Numerous times Van Persie himself and his family have spoken how they love life in London and how they all wish for him to stay at Arsenal, and I believe its Kees Vos, who has worsened the situation by manipulating Van Persie’s decision. During the week, it was reported that Vos was in Turin, Italy, speaking to Juventus officials. It seems that Kees Vos has done exactly the same as Rooney did to Manchester United back in 2010, in order to secure a better deal.

Arsenal’s offer to Van Persie is believed to be £130,000 p/w on a 3 year deal with a £5 million loyalty bonus.

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8 thoughts on “Will Van Persie really do a complete U-Turn?

  1. Lets hope he stay, then we can fight on and hope for silverware this season with Podolski and Giroud supporting him. Keep the faith.

  2. Don King springs to mind and the advice he gave to Tyson, Holmes and the others like Foreman, etc.

    Over the past few years I’ve seen agents completely destroy the reputation and respect players have just to line their own pockets with the signing on fees and commission. I don’t just mean with Arsenal players.

    At some point in the future there will be new rules for agent implemented.

    This will be essential because Football clubs that have been followed for over a century are going into liquidation. The threat of this used to come from Chairmen of clubs, then a new breed of manager like Redknapp and Venables cane along to help the chairmen – something that is devastating for some once revered cluns like Liverpool, Juventus, Leeds Utd, Marseille, and even Luton.

    With players themselves holding clubs to ransom, combined with dodgy managers and chairmen …. the agents are too close to being too much.

    Here’s Scarborough FC, 3 times FA Cup winners: http://www.scarborougheveningnews.co.uk/webimage/1.2724695.1288607651!image/3251013319.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_595/3251013319.jpg

    … This can happen over the course of one season.

  3. What a load of rubbish he’s a 29 year old man he’s more than capable of making his own decisions. If he wants to stay at arsenal he’ll do just that.

  4. Rvp just leave already,i want giroud to be our go to guy next season. Get lost,this time next season you’ll be washed up!!! a has-been even!!!

  5. Why don’t we wait to see what happens before we slate the guy that got us that so important third position last season??? 7

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