Arsenal’s wage structure needs tweaking!

There have been some calls and claims about Arsenal’s wage structure and what we offer to players in terms of talent and so I decided to do a bit of research on the player wages at Arsenal and found the following results;

Lukas Podolski – £100,000
Theo Walcott – £100,000
Per Mertesacker – £80,000
Andrey Arshavin – £75,000 (Now released)
Santi Cazorla – £70,000
Thomas Vermaelen – £70,000
Mikel Arteta – £65,000
Laurent Koscielny – £60,000
Jack Wilshere – £60,000
Andre Santos – £55,000 (Coming back but must be sold or loaned)
Olivier Giroud – £50,000
Gervinho – £50,000
Marouane Chamakh – £50,000 (Must leave this summer)
Tomas Rosicky – £50,000
Aaron Ramsey – £45,000
Abou Diaby – £42,000
Bacary Sagna – £40,000
Nacho Monreal – £40,000
John Djourou – £35,000 (Expected to leave)
Kieran Gibbs – £30,000
Carl Jenkinson – £25,000
Wojciech Szcezesny – £23,000
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – £20,000
Lukasz Fabianski – £20,000
Francis Coquelin – £10,000
Vito Mannone – £5,500
Emmanuel Frimpong – £5,000

Now take of it what you will, I’m not 100% certain on the accuracy of these figures however apart from the odd one or two players I’m fairly confident that this is the basis of Arsenal’s wage structure. As you can see Podolski and Walcott top the list on £100k per week. Its widely known that Arsenal don’t have any players above that wage, however I feel if we are to progress as a club in the next few years then it’s important that this changes and we start to compete off the field financially with the top clubs as well as on the pitch.

It’s not something I particularly wish to be done as I’ve always been proud how the club hasn’t got into any financial difficulties however I feel that it is necessary we change our wage structure in order to progress and at the end of the day that’s all the fans of Arsenal want, although I’m not sure if I can say that on behalf of the Arsenal board as well.

Overall I think the majority of players on that list are on the money they are worth, in today’s footballing age. A few players to pick out are the extortionate wages of Santos, Chamakh and Arshavin, although in some respects you could argue it was a fair amount when they signed their first contract with Arsenal some years back. Diaby is also an obvious contender to look at and who knows what will become of him this summer, but apart from that everyone else’s wages seems to be of a respectable amount considering their talent on arrival at the Emirates.

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal’s wage structure needs tweaking!

  1. What i don’t get is that many fans wants Arsenal to pay higher wages in order to attract better players, yet at the same time there is a big demonstration going to reduce ticket prices?
    Can you have both?

  2. What do you mean it needs tweaking Kroenke has given the green light Gazidis has said we can match figures c’mon.

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