4 Reasons why Arsenal do NOT need Walcott

Arsenal are hoping that Theo Walcott will sign a new deal to keep the forward at the Emirates Stadium, although Matthew Glazier of Bettingpro.com wonders if they really need him.

THEO Walcott arrived at Arsenal in January 2006 and it appears that he could be leaving seven years down the line, with the 23-year-old playing hard ball with the club when it comes to signing a new deal.

It might be the case that the player has already decided to leave the Gunners, whether that happens during the January transfer window or in the summer when Walcott might have more options available to him. However, Arsenal fans shouldn’t be too concerned about the player’s possible departure – here are five reasons why:

Walcott isn’t a world-class player
Don’t let your judgement be clouded by a recent hat-trick against a tired Newcastle team. Instead consider that Theo has regularly flattered to deceive in an Arsenal shirt. Like predecessor Marc Overmars, the England international has bags of pace, although his crossing is suspect and the same applies to his finishing. There are players that can easily fill his boots.

Walcott will never be a prolific goalscorer
Theo has managed just the 34 goals for Arsenal since arriving in 2006 which represents about five per season. Yes, he’s been in and out of the first team for a big chunk of his time with the Gunners, although his current position of centre forward is something of an experiment and it will be interesting to see whether it’s effective against a decent defence.

Arsenal shouldn’t be held to ransom by any player
A spate of Arsenal youngsters recently signed new deals at the Emirates, with Arsene Wenger making a clear statement to Walcott that the future is bright, whether or not the player remains at the club. You can bet your bottom dollar that the north London outfit have offered to make Walcott the best-paid player and if that’s not enough for the youngster, then let him warm the bench of a Chelsea or a Manchester United.

The Gunners have lots of attacking options
Arsene Wenger probably wishes he had picked up Michu for such a small price in the summer, although Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla have been successful signings and we should probably expect more to come from Olivier Giroud. With Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain fast becoming the finished product, it’s not as if the departure of Walcott will leave a Robin van Persie-sized hole.

Matthew Glazier writes for Bettingpro.com an award-winning football, news and betting website.

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11 thoughts on “4 Reasons why Arsenal do NOT need Walcott

  1. How can you come to the conclusion that a player will never be prolific? Magic. crystal ball that sees into the future? How can you come to that conclusion and use his time at Arsenal at the basis of your argument and then say yes he has been out a lot of the time but he wont be prolific? The fact is he can very well be prolific he has the pace and he can finish.

  2. Yeah we shouldn’t be held at ransom to any player but keep in mind that the philosophy that we currently employ doesnt work in the long run. When a player gets to a certain point where they are playing very well they will need a better contract. They cannot be paid peanuts (when compared to other teams) for their good work. The players that become world class need to get the compensation they deserve and as long as we adopt a policy where our young players are being overpaid and the players that are proven are held back by a wage ceiling it will never work we will never be attractive for any world class player looking for a new club. Its a vicious cycle Player becomes world class after years of being with arsenl>asks for a proper raise>wage structure hinders raise>leaves due to lack of compensation, and lack of trophies>Arsenal try to bring in a replacement who is world class>don’t want to pay the wages and doesn’t meet the clubs evaluation>world class player looks elsewhere/ends up somewhere else>we develop another world class player through the current squad>needs raise to provide some reason to stay since we are not winning…….. If we keep losing our best players we wont muster up a squad that’s capable of winning. If some1 leaves we must replace them and we have a hard time doing this due to wage structure, refusal to meet club’s evaluation of player, losing best players constantly, and not winning trophies. We need to make the club attractive to World class players again.

  3. u dis bloger’s are fools how would u com to a conclusion like dat infact u guyz are arsenal’s problem cos u neva encourage wenger to splash d cash nd haven’t u learn lesson frm our last departures in fact u must b out of ur mind 90k is nt too much for walcot okey

  4. Don’t need Walcott? Our top scorer – even though he’s been injured several times this season? Ridiculous! No one seems bothered that Pod is on 50% more than anyone else! He came from a relegated club from a low salaried league into a club in the CL and 50% more cash than anyone else. If Wenger hadn’t been so stupid in his”socialist” utopia would Walcott be asking for so much – reportedly? Isay reportedly as I’ve only ever heard Walcott talk about his role; not money. Get off his back. If Wenger had dumped Squid, Arse, Bender, Denilson, Chamackh Diaby, Djourou years ago, the club would have saved 10’s of millions in wages. The Turpitz instead of Cahill? Lampard – 193 goals in 10 years from midfield! Wenger has made a thousand mistakes but Walcott aint one. Well, only his treatment of him by forcing him onto the wing for the last 3 years or so.

  5. dude you are a fool walcot has 57goals for arsenal. if he leaves now you will be the 1st to say arsenal has no ambition. get real dude. arsenal needs theo.@

  6. The writer must be working for wenger or gadzidis or actually is one of them.
    The reality is Theo Walcott is one of our best players and with spurs and other top teams constantly improving and strenghtening we just simply can not afford to lose not one of our best players anymore and to stay competetive we also need to strengthen.
    Two of the biggest problems with this”brilliant socialist paymodel” of our club is that there is not enough financial motivation for our top players and secondly it makes it very hard to sell the unwanted ones simply because for the quality they offer the wages are too big.
    So Wenger is not such a economical genius but rather a stubborn, greedy , lying , incompetent , politician like c*nt.Period.

  7. to hell with this writer look @ what walcot has done so far for arsenal this session, i bet you are eating your words nw. What if he has gone to united, city or chelsea you will now say wenger has lost it. Look @ hw he hs improved. More consistence and he has scored 18 goals.

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