The bookies have no confidence in Arsenal winning anything again this year


After losing to Bradford in the League Cup quarter-final and dropping to a massive 18 points behind Manchester United in the race for the Premiership, most Arsenal fans will have practically given up on the Gunners getting anything out of this season (they are now 80/1 in the Premier League Odds), but the fact is that they still have chances of winning the FA Cup and of course the Champions League.

The Gunners may have little chance of actually winning the title, but they are still as short as 10/11 to win the “Wenger Trophy” (i.e. finish in the Top Four) and as they are only 5 points behind our hated rivals Tottenham in third (with a game in hand) there is still the expectation of us overtaking them before the end of the season.

It’s a shame, but that coveted Fourth Place is still not actually classified as a trophy, and we really need to look at the odds of actually winning the FA Cup and the Champions League to gauge what the bookies really think of our chances.

In the FA Cup, Arsenal started in stuttering fashion by drawing 2-2 with Swansea, but they are still in with a good chance if they get through the replay. Betfair rate them as high as 10/1 sixth favourites to actually take the trophy at Wembley in May, and it is a sad state that the bookies even consider teams like Tottenham and Everton to be more likely to stop one of the big three winning it. In fact the bookies make Arsenal as short as 1/10 ON to win absolutely nothing for the 8th season in a row.

If the Gunners are 10/1 to win the FA Cup, it will come as no surprise that they are rated as high as 40/1 to win the Champions League, and are not even fvourites to beat Bayern Munich at home in the first leg of the knockout stages.

Where has all the confidence gone in the Gunners?

7 thoughts on “The bookies have no confidence in Arsenal winning anything again this year

  1. the only think we could win is the FA CUP.
    but unlikey
    its going to be another 8 years won nothing
    same thing next year and so on for the next 5 years untill we get a billionaire that runs the club not someone who wants to make profit from it.

  2. The bookies have no confidence and nor do the fans. The ‘ Wenger is God ‘ supporters do not know where to turn …. except blind faith.

  3. Everyone is so wrong. Arsenal will win the most coveted trophy of all. We’ll be top of the Money £££ League one more time. Keep the faith, all ye doubtful.

  4. The bookies do not need any crystal glass to make this bet. The chances of winning anything under this management and Owner is almost Zero. Arsenal has onl financial manager and agreedy board. Translate to Zero passion and desire to Win nothing except profits. Shame!!

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