A recent feature of news on Arsenal.com about the player Samuel Galindo moving back to his homeland Bolivia on loan made me think about the large number of promising young players that never made it at Arsenal.

A player who this situation did remind me of is Denilson. The Brazilian is still under contract with Arsenal, with the Gunners being his parent club, whilst he is on loan with Brazilian team Sao Paulo. Denilson was a player that often caused a divide between the fans. Slated for his shocking performances by many, but he also earn his plaudits every once in a while due to his samba style of play, passing ability and rocking shots and free kicks, but when he played Arsenal’s odds went out on the Paddy Power Premier League odds!

In fact Denilson was very much part of the Arsenal starting XI let alone the first team squad, for a number of years with the Brazilian making 51 appearances in the 2008-09 season, 28 appearances the next season and then 33 appearances in which was currently his last season with the Gunners. Racking up 156 appearances for Arsenal in total, Denilson has scored just 10 goals for the club. Not the most impressive and in fact it’s very surprising to think he has played so much in an Arsenal shirt. But where to next for Denilson?

He has had an up and down journey back on loan at Sao Paulo, with a spat with the manager and disgraceful disciplinary record, but he has also proved pivotal in Sao Paulo’s squad, playing an important role in the team. There were suggestions that the Brazilian club were considering a permanent deal in January, however it has since past and its now being suggested Denilson will return to Arsenal when his loan deal expires and then the club will have to make a decision. Perhaps we had better bet on the weekend football online now before he comes back!

His performances can be a bit ‘all over the place’ and so he is considered to be terribly inconsistent but should he be a player we should have on the borderline of the bench at least, just in case all else fails? Especially if the club isn’t looking to make any major reinforcements in the transfer market!

What would you do with Denilson?

7 thoughts on “What can Arsenal do about Denilson?

  1. Easy…sell him or just bring him back to add more depth to the squad but i doubt he will get much playing time

  2. This would never have arisen if Wenger had not insisted upon yet another of his manic positional conversions. He made Denilson play deep midfield ‘ protecting ‘(not) the back 4. That was never a position he could play. He captained Brazil under 19s with a more advanced midfield role. You don’t captain Brazil under 19s unless you are a seriously good player. Now look at him !!

  3. @ chris from cambridge

    Agreed… How many other’s game has wenger wrecked by insisting on playing them out of posistion?

    Granted it works sometimes but only with a certain sort of player.

  4. I love Denilson he is better than Ramsey… I tink he is a beta subtitute 4 arteta… I wnt denilson bak @ arsenal..

  5. I agreed he was avictim of the fact that he was played as defensive midfilder in order to accormmodate Cesc Fabricas and the team chaned form a 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 or any other variation of of the 4-3-3 system. I actually like his stlye when he plays in front of someone more defensive minded . He can take a short out of the 18 yart box which sadly only carzola and podolski are willing to do at the moment.

  6. I think we better get him back to come add to the depth of the squad since arsenal is no more willing to play a deep laying midfielder….. On his good day am gonna play him ahead of arteta.

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