Mignolet believes Arsenal were lucky to win

The Sunderland keeper Simon Mignolet is well aware that it was his own heroics in the Sunderland goal that stopped Arsenal from taking a hefty lead this weekend, but he believes that sunderland’s efforts in the second half, albeit against ten men, should have earned the Black Cats at least a point.

The Belgian stopper said: “The first half was quite busy. I expect that a bit against a team like Arsenal, who played really well in the first half and made it difficult.

“As a goalie, you know you have to do your job. I made a couple of saves, which kept the team in the game and I think we did really well in the second half.”

“Jack Wilshere fell down with the injury and the red card helped us a little bit but we stuck at it. It was the only thing we could do,” he continued. “In the end we were disappointed to go away with a loss even though in the first half we could have conceded more than one goal.

“I think there were positives from us. We stuck at it, we showed a good mentality, we did our very best in the second half to get a goal. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I think that was the only thing missing second half.

“On the basis of that second half I think we deserved the point but we didn’t get it, so it was disappointing to go home without anything.”

Arsenal could also point to the missed chances from Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott which would have made the points secure much earlier, but based on the last 20 minutes perhaps Arsenal had to fight a bit more than they expected, but three points is three points, however you get them!

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6 thoughts on “Mignolet believes Arsenal were lucky to win

  1. Mr Mignolet; in order to win in football you have to score goals,the team that scores the most goals wins,Arsenal scored one and your team didn’t.

  2. If Wenger would have stayed with Poldi on the wing, Cazorla in the middle, and Ramsey on the bench, (as in the W.Ham game) Arsenal would have scored at least 3.

    Sunderland was lucky to have all their players on the pitch throughout the game.

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