Arsenal boss states the bleeding obvious!!

Despite the fact that Arsenal have not lifted the Premier League trophy in almost 12 years, Arsene Wenger still has the reputation of changing the face of English football. The Frenchman even gained the nickname of Le Prof for his educated and erudite approach to all aspects of the game.

So even though his tactics or his refusal to change the Arsenal style of play has attracted some criticism in recent years, Wenger is still a man to listen to when it comes to the beautiful game. So the football press and Arsenal fans in particular were keen to hear his thoughts on what has been going wrong for the Gunners and our title challenge recently.

Just three points from the last four EPL has seen Arsenal drop from top spot into fourth place and we are now five points off the pace and with a worse goal difference as well. The Frenchman told the Arsenal website his thoughts on why our push for the title has stalled at suck a key phase of the season.

He said, “You expect their keeper to have a good game but I believe as well we had very poor finishing. It’s difficult to find a player in our team basically who had no chances today.

“We came out with a 0-0, with the experience we have in our team, that’s disappointing. It’s frustrating because we put a lot of energy into a game like that. We created a lot of chances of top quality and couldn’t finish.

“I think we have to look at ourselves and start to finish with a bit more conviction. The way we have took our chances was not good enough and that’s why we dropped two points.

“What is terrible is that our performances are not bad. That is worrying because with the quality of the performances we had, we didn’t take the points and that’s very difficult for the players to take as well.

“We put the energy in, we create chances but at the end of the day we come away with no goals. It’s very disappointing.

“The team is strong. We have shown, I believe, a great performance tonight, especially in the second half, but we couldn’t finish the game off.

“We have to look at ourselves and not be satisfied with that.”

You think Arsene? So not being able to score goals is costing us points yes? Well thanks mate because I was really having a hard time working out why we had not won. We did score those three against Liverpool, though, and only came away with a point. What was his insightful take on that? Not defending well enough perhaps?

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