Tottenham star’s taunts to ‘spur’ Arsenal into action?


Yes Arsenal have gone behind Tottenham in the Premier League table for the first time this season and everyone is making a massive deal out of it. The TV pundits who were confidently predicting a month ago that the Gunners had sorted all our problems out are now saying that nothing has changed and they are also now saying that Spurs will carry on their form and finally finish above us.

That is the nature of pundits though, as they rarely look beyond current form. They forget that we have been battling with the absence of a number of key first team players due to injury and that we are just now starting to see them come back, while Tottenham have just lost their best centre back for a long spell and that is likely to start affecting them.

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players will also be feeling a keen sense of injustice as we have not really got what we deserved over the last few games. Some of that has been down to our finishing and our confidence being hit but a lot has just been down to a lack of luck. The ball sometimes runs for you and sometimes it doesn’t.

So to hear the Tottenham and England striker Harry Kane talking about them being the form team and everyone fearing them, as reported by the IB times, and saying that their current form will just keep going makes me laugh. And I think it should also inspire the Arsenal team to go out there and prove that form is temporary but class is permanent.

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